Keep Seeing 111 or 11:11 More Often? There Is A Big Reason and It’s A Sign From The Universe

The synchronicity is something miraculous, something that makes us observe the cosmic energy over and over again, as well as the intriguing and mystical human nature. The secrets about the synchronicities and the popular 11:11 lies somewhere in between these too abstract giants- the universe and the human soul.

We may call them abstract just because the capacity of the human brain is too low to find understanding for these things that have roots of existence way above our capabilities to understand and submit.

However, we face synchronicities every single day. 111 or 11:11 is the most common, most appealing and important synchronicity. In this article, we will remain focused more on this interesting phenomenon that is part of our everyday lives.

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This is one interesting example from Sarah Prout and how she actually sees the 1111 synchronicity:

I’ve heard so many other people see 111 or 1111 (and other repetitive number patterns) that they now carry meaning but are unsure how to read the signs. I’ve also heard various explanations – ranging from it being a sign of alignment to a sacred message from your spirit guides or angels or perhaps even a warning from your higher self to pay attention to the present moment.

The truth is that it could mean absolutely nothing. We could live in this chaotic Universe with random acts that hook themselves into our awareness that means diddly squat. However, I have experienced way too many signs of alignment to do with the number 111 that it’s a little bit too orchestrated for me to ignore.

For example, the number 111 seems to circle around in my conscious awareness when specific life events are unfolding. When I first met my husband (we met on Twitter and he flew from America for 11 days) we became acutely aware of the importance of 111 as a sign of alignment.

So, as you can see, it seems that our first explanation was actually right- we are all victims of our own ignorance or lack of knowledge. Our subconsciousness, on the other hand, is uncontrollable for sure. This means that we will never be able to find the exact answer about synchronicity and how we actually attract it.

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Of course, we attract the energy of the universe and our subconsciousness works very hard to give us some kind of rational explanation. Those who are spiritually advance and have their own spiritual divine guidance use the sings from the universe for their own benefit and progress.

In the end, the synchronicity, especially of the symbol 1, which represents individuality, commitment, definition and unity of all things, is actually a symbol that identifies us, as individuals, the universe- as the beginning of all and ONE- the connection of all things and their mutual co-existence.

This explains that the synchronicities happen for a reason- ALWAYS. Call it intuition or however you like, but these things happen in those periods when your subconsciousness is under heavy pressure and something important is about to happen.

Source: SarahProut

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