Twin Flame Denial Stage: What Does It Mean And How To Pass Through It

The twin flame connection is extremely special and unique indeed, but in the end, it’s just a human connection with all of the beauties and flaws of the interhuman relationships. However, this connection teaches us how perfect and great the combo of love, passion, and soul-bonding can be.

The reuniting of the archaic, old, eternal soul is a spiritual concept that is very popular these days. Many people, to be honest, believe that they are twin flames with their partners or they are missing their other part of the soul, so they are searching for it.

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If you also think that you are twin flame, if you just found your partner or you are still looking for them, you need to know a couple of things to be prepared better for what’s coming next.

Meeting your twin shakes your foundation. Everything the person knows before meeting them feels like a dream. Life seems unrealistic, and nothing makes sense anymore other than the twin. But all these emotions and feelings are hard to digest for the runner. The twin, who is denying the connection, doesn’t know how to react. For them, it is hard to cope.

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They are unable to understand the energy that is present in a twin flame connection. In the denial stage, the to-be-runner is planning to get rid of you. They will do anything to hide their emotions. Things are getting even more troublesome for them because the more they push you away, the closer they feel.

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The stage of denial begins when one of the twin flames fails to handle the pressure, the doubts and the huge emotional disbalance. During this period it is extremely important one of the twin flames to fill the emptiness of the other, to find the inner strength to show how powerful the soul bonding is and what is it forged of- purest love and high-frequency vibration energy.

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Anyway, in many cases, especially in the 21st century with this modern, dynamic and confusing lifestyle most of us have, even the twin flame reuniting may end up in a total disaster. In some cases, the pressure is so strong, the twin flames brake up or ignore each other, so they ruin the bonding, they disappear and leave nothing behind.

However, most of the cases are winners that fight well and prove that the twin flame connection is as powerful as being spoken of.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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