Saturn In Retrograde: This Is How Your Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected By The Energy Shift

Another powerful retrograde is approaching in Capricorn and the most important phase of the huge and radical energy shift in 2018 is happening now! Actually, we already felt the effects of the expected energy shifts and the power of the universe upon ourselves earlier this year, but the real deal is yet going to be seen.

Earlier this week we got hit by the powerful New Moon and the Neptune retrograde. Now we face the powerful Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. This is the beginning of the expected solar progress and the most powerful energy drain this year that will last from June until September.

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In this article, we share some valuable info about how these processes will actually affect your zodiac sign.


When it comes to Aries, it’s all about change this year. However, this will be a heavily exhausting period and the best decision for you to make is to stay relaxed and detach from the usual tension and emotional disbalance. Securing your inner peace and staying focused on your primal goals is crucial for you during this period. Keep your personal and business life separated.


The financial stability that you have been missing in the past couple of months will be gone. Be prepared for a certain success and don’t be afraid to nurture yourself a little bit. You’ve always known how to appreciate and enjoy the fine things in life, but maybe it’s time to try something new and bring some excitement in your life this summer as a reward for the hardworking period.


The inner conflict shows the true nature of your zodiac sign, but your emotional balance and mental stability prove how strong you are. During this period of Saturn retrograde you will keep on walking on the right path and you will face issues both in your private and professional life, but you will fi everything in the best possible way. You will be proud of the outcome and how you stood for yourself.

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You are being overshadowed by restlessness and overhinking. You care too much about unimportant stuff and you don’t really want to settle down and end the tension. It’s time to start looking for the answers in yourself, try to find out what is the root of your problems and fix it. You are a fighter and you have to show that in the next couple of weeks.


If you’ve ever wanted to travel, even a short distance, now is the time to do so. This is the best planetary alignment for you, if your inner lion is wanting to roam. If you’ve been feeling that itch, trying to find a way to keep your sanity, this is the answer.It’s time to take care of yourself for a change. Everyone has been helping you out a lot lately and you are going to stand on your own two feet (four paws) this time. Whether you know it or not, it’s time to leave the comfy nest little cub, and head into the world. Or whatever you have been avoiding lately.


Are you ready for this? Virgo, you are one of the luckiest signs this Saturn retrograde. Everything seems to be lining up for you right now. New adventures, financial success, and reuniting with old friends is what you can expect. A new job offer might also sneak it’s way into your life, and even opportunity to live somewhere new. Even your romantic life will be given a favorable view. Look forward to finally breaking through that communication barrier with your partner.

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Your confidence level will see a new high and you will give your best to maintain a positive attitude despite all that seems to keep pulling you down. Be wary of those who try to steer you in a different direction, and don’t let anyone tell you what to do. You’ve been feeling like all of this is familiar, and it is- the Universe makes us repeat lessons until we learn them.

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There will be some rough waves to navigate, and some people will try to create more problems for you. Remember to keep your cool, avoid conflict, and focus on the goal at hand. During all of this, your romantic life may take a turn, and your current partner will need more attention from you. (Again, this time is all about deciding what you truly are passionate about.) If you aren’t feeling the vibes, move on, and let them do the same.


You will have an unpleasant feeling that you’ve suffered some kind of trauma. You will be extremely exhausted both mentally and physically. The low levels of energy will cause problems in your everyday life, but you must be prepared for it. This is just the result of your hard pushing on yourself lately. When we exhaust ourselves subconsciously we are not aware of what’s exactly going on and the outcome is often full exhaustion. Find inner strength to stay calm and relax your body and mind.


It seems that this is the zodiac sign that will benefit the most from the retrograde! Capricorns will face positive changes on all levels of their professional and private life. However, you have to be very careful- laziness is the biggest enemy of Capricorn in the next period. Try to remain grounded and focused on what you did before, keep the good karma and enjoy the success.

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You faced many confrontations with people and situations that simply drained your whole energy. Anyway, be prepared for a huge boost coming from the Saturn retrograde. You will find out some epic things about your inner self and you will manage to overcome some obstacles that blocked your horizon. If you open your horizons, don’t hesitate to take a walk into the unknown and start an exciting adventure.


The world certainly is a mean and cruel place sometimes. On the other hand, there are beautiful things like Pisces that make this world so unique and magical. Because you always spread positivity in the darkness, be ready to receive the same amount of positivity back. Good intentions and great karma is coming right back at you, keep your heart pure and positive thoughts always on your mind.

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