If You Experience These Three Sings Your Vibration Is Definitely Rising

When we raise our vibrations we make a huge commitment both to our spirits and our bodies. As you know, everything is connected, so are our thoughts, energy and material reality. However, not everybody knows how to manage the ‘dimensions of existence’ and secure a good progress in life secured with happiness and fulfillment.

The way we act in live, use our abilities and work hard to make a major change inside ourselves and the outside world is what defines our personality to the others and marks our existence. Anyway, being positive and always with strong spirit is not easy, actually is very, very hard.

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However, people since archaic times were searching for various different ways to manipulate the energy. From archaic magical and shamanic practices, to modern religion and spirituality.

The spiritual techniques from the Eastern teachings seem to be extremely popular among the modern people. The concepts of connected physical and spiritual improvement and healing seems to be the perfect combo for the modern human, but still, there is just a small minority of the world population who practice meditation, feng shui or other spiritual practices. Even the prayer is not popular anymore.

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Because of that, it is very hard these days to raise your spirit from the mud of ignorance, hatred, consumerism, materialism, toxicity, hypocrisy and sick ambition all around you.

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Either way, some of us have strong natural abilities and predispositions for raising the level of vibration and even seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Now, lets check the three major signs that you are being blessed and your vibration is rasing:

Feeling Energies From Others

There are tangible effects of our vibrations rising in how we feel the energy of others.First, we start to notice that we feel the emotions of others more strongly.

This is an increase in our empathy, our ability to understand and experience the feelings of others.

In practice, we are feeling the aura energies of other people more strongly and are better able to identify the emotions attached to the specific energy patterns.

By raising our vibration, we have gained this intuitive pattern recognition.

We also experience much stronger empathy within our spiritual connections.

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Putting Out Our Own Energies

We will also notice other people reacting more to our own energies.

Our aura is growing in strength and size, and we can see this having an effect around us.

The world becomes more attentive to us, which we can see by people wanting to listen to what we have to say.

Children are happy to see us, and we might find that animals become more friendly.

They are feeling our energy and responding positively to it.

This energy will also become more loving in nature.

It becomes effortless to love life, to love people and to love ourselves.

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Love is the primary emotion, the one that holds the most power in our lives.

People notice that. Love energy is universally attractive.

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Shrugging Off The Baggage

Lastly, we will notice the dropping off of the unimportant stuff from our lives.

To progress along our spiritual journey, we must rid ourselves of the baggage we accumulate as people.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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