Buckle Up: Your 2018 Summer Horoscope Is Here

During this turbulent year of radical energy shifts, we will experience intense summer that is marked by Neptune’s and Mars’ retrogrades that will last until September 22nd. During this period we will experience the strongest disbalance of energy on Earth and will be directly affected.

It all began with Mercury’s retrograde and continued. However, these changes have not been so strong until now. This summer will be a pure joy or suffering for some people, but still, many of us will have the chance to define their personalities.

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Now, let’s check what the horoscope says for your zodiac sign and how will be affected by the strong energy shifts this summer:

March 21 to April 19

During the Jupiter retrograde, we will see some certain changes when it comes to the Rams. They wanted to get away this week, forget everything, find some safe space to relax, retrieve the lost luggage and recharge the losing strength. This is a period of months where you actually need to face the reality, especially your social reality.

Spend more time with your family and show them that you care. Be the change in your world, but include those who are ready to sacrifice for you. This summer you have the chance to improve your social life.

April 20 to May 20

Taurus will be constantly trying to install new content in his/her life. Well that’s atually good and aligned with the cosmic rhythm, but still, it could be very dangerous and destructive if the changes do not result of a positive goal and pure-hearted efforts.

You will be put to tests this summer to prove if you really want to grow as a person or get back to your old lifestyle. The monotony seems to be your friend, but this time is just a crying shoulder and a fake glimpse of hope. The true change will be available only when you exit your comfort zone and end the monotony.

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May 21 to June 20

The period between the Jupiter and Venus retrogrades will be very painful for those who are in some kind of emotional disbalance. The duality of Gemini’s personality makes them always a fine target for this strong energy waves.

However, you must know that this is just normal and happens to everyone. You have the strength to focus and that’s the only thing you should do. Ignore the negative thoughts and emotions- remain fully focused on your daily activities and don’t worry about anything. This summer should be a summer of relaxation, despite the huge emotional pressure you have that something is about to happen. It’s just the energy around you.

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June 21 to July 22

Spend the rest of June making it rain, Crab. Venus is in your sign until the 29th, encouraging you to pamper yourself when you feel like it. Not only will a little self-care help you feel prepared for the rest of the summer season, your friends will be happy to see that you’re looking after yourself (and not just tending to the needs of others).

All this R&R is building toward a serious wakeup call: When the solar eclipse on July 13 swings by, it will remind you to curb your spending. It’s always smart to be wary of over-indulgence. Amplify your sense of self-worth is in August by learning a new skill (it just might give you an edge at your job). You’ll be a natural soon enough.

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July 23 to August 22

One of the most beautiful things about you, Leo, is that you are tenacious! That famous Leonine trait may be tested this summer, as the two upcoming solar eclipses will call on your willpower and create some much-needed change in your life. Change isn’t always fun, but you can still learn from it.

The first eclipse on the 13th of July will challenge your sense of spirituality and may even redefine how you appear to your social circle. The second eclipse on the 11th of August is in Leo, your very own sign, which will enact any changes that you should have made during the first eclipse. Get ready to let go of what isn’t serving you anymore.

August 23 to September 22

You just might come through all of this summer’s eclipses unscathed, Virgo. And if you do, it’ll be thanks to your natural tendency to organize, declutter, and toss out things that are no longer necessary. As the Marie Kondo of the Zodiac, you’re reasonably cool with eclipses and their effects.

The first eclipse will ask you to remove people from your life who you don’t need, while the second will encourage you to reevaluate vices that might be holding your back. In August, you might strike a jackpot or finally receive things you’ve long coveted, due to Venus making moves into your money house that month.

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September 23 to October 22

Sweet, carefree Libra, listen up. The July 13 solar eclipse is likely to shake up your career house and you need to be ready. Changes are in motion, which may push you to decide quickly on your next move (and we know how much you dread making rushed decisions).

The second eclipse will show up in your house of creativity. You may need to explore some new options at work, possibly ones that incorporate more technology into your everyday tasks. Once you get a handle on it, you’ll be whistling your way to easy street on September 22.

October 23 to November 21

Strategic Scorpio, your hard work is (finally) paying off career-wise. Things will get hectic on the 22nd of June, so trust that you’ll be busy, but you’ll be loving it. Why? July’s solar eclipse will turn the world into your personal, professional playground, which is precisely what you need right now.

Watch out for family drama on the 27th, as water signs may feel the effects of the lunar eclipse that night especially hard. Luckily, it’s nothing you can’t handle, tough Scorpion that you are. The second solar eclipse will arrive on August 11 in Leo and is also expected to affect your career. But beware: The changes might not be as pleasant as those of the last solar eclipse.

November 22 to December 21

This summer’s eclipses will be manageable, Sag, thanks in no small part to your healthy sense of perspective. The first eclipse on July 13 travels through your eighth house of death, rebirth, and sex (and sometimes haircuts!). You may feel a little more on edge than usual, but as long as you keep it cool, you’ll be able to weather the storm.

The second eclipse on August 11 brings (sigh) taxes into the picture, so if you or your partner have any unpaid bills, it’s time to take care of them one way or another. You can let problems pile up until they’re too much to handle, or you can face them head-on, Archer.

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December 22 to January 19

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If your ideal career features plenty of opportunities to work from home, you’re onto something, Cap. You can achieve any goal once you’ve set your mind to it, and working from the comfort of home is only helpful for your overall success strategy. The first eclipse on July 13 will affect your love and relationship house, cleaning out anyone who does not need to be there. It’s not fun to see romantic interests leave, but keep in mind that it’s often for the best.

The second eclipse on the 27th will offer you the opportunity to sort out any financial missteps you may have taken or bad habits you may have acquired recently. During both celestial events, your goal is clear: It’s time to clean up to create the best “you” there is.

January 20 to February 18

You are the true masters of your desires, but do you really believe in what you just wrote? Being a true master of your own desires is being completely focused on your purpose and principles in life. As Aquarius full of imagination and wild spirit, you lack patience and concentration to grow like this.

Because of that, you have to be very careful how you spend your money this summer. You will be put to test to see if you truly value your labor and your money.

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February 19 to March 20

Unlike most of the signs, July 13th solar eclipse won’t hit you very hard and you will remain safe in your tranquility zone. However, you will be able to feel the pressure of everybody else outside. You will realize that your isolation protects you from the risks of the challenges that lie ahead, but still, you feel that you lose precious experience and new opportunities.

The self-doubts will continue during the summer so it’s all up to you to finally define what will you choose- safety or growth. Any of these two choices won’t be a mistake, the true mistake is if you stay trapped in your doubts and lose your time overthinking.



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