5 Most Powerful Archangels You Need To Start Working With Immediately

Out of all Lightworkers and divine beings, the Angels hold the central figure and in their hierarchy, sole on the top, are the mighty Archangels who guide us and protect us, give us the strength to grow bigger and win any challenge ahead of us.

However, first you need to have strong faith in these divine creatures and, of course, make them feel you, understand you and give you their guidance, protection or healing effects.

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All you have to do to call upon them is ask for their guidance out loud by calling their name, in your mind by thinking of the intention behind your request, or meditate to receive the messages.

To easily remember the ways to connect, well-known spiritual motivational speaker Doreen Virtue summarizes it in five easy action choices:

Speak: ask archangels a question.
Think: form thoughts around your request in your mind.
Write: write your question on a note, in your journal, or write archangels a letter.
Visualize: explain your request in visual thought form.
Affirm: when you received the guidance, thank the archangels. That way they hear that their help has been received and appreciated, and they will eagerly assist again.


This archangel is on the top of the chierarchy. It is the ultimate protector and his giant sword/spear represent the ultimate power of the spirit, as well as the forces that are able to liberate from bad karma. This archangel will help you cleanse the negativity, the bad karma, the toxicity all around you and, of course, liberate you from any harm and danger. This archangel is the perfect protector and guides on your journey to complete the most important missions in your life.

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SOURCE: 5 Unexpected Ways Archangel Michael Can Help You


Gabriel is the archangel-messenger. It is the protector of the good communication, well being among people and connectivity. Also, it is the purest form of inspiration that is able to let you create miracles. This is the archangel of fine things- if you need successful inspiration or you want to improve your connections and empower your bondings with the people you love- this is the archangel you should pray to.


Archangel Raphael is the healer. He can assist in two ways—help your own healing process or support you as a healer yourself. When it comes to healing you, Raphael can get rid of addictions, help find cure or treatment for illnesses, and bring peace to your mind. Whenever you need any type of healing done, mind, body, or spirit, ask Archangel Raphael for his assistance.

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Archangels UrielArchangel Uriel spreads the light in the darkness and brings truth to light. He is wise and grounded. Whenever you need to learn something new, make a tough decision, or resolve a conflict, Uriel provides the wisdom and the peace to achieve that. His peaceful energy also helps get rid of any negative emotions. In moments that you feel anger or anxiety, ask Archangel Uriel to bring your mind peace and the wisdom to not act upon these emotions.


This is the archangel that keeps everything recorded in the Akashic records. The whole time, space and all other dimensions, events, energy flow- the whole existence of everything is recorded in Archangel Metatron’s Akashic records. This archangel holds the key to the greatest spiritual power and wisdom. If you are looking for spiritual guidance or you want to answer some big questions that bother your soul- pray to Archangel Metatron.

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