How The June 2018 Strawberry Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The period of superb and radical changes on all energy levels makes us wonder how much we can actually take. Those who are spiritually more advanced and want to follow the energy shifts are definitely experiencing something miraculous.

This will be a period of 6 retrogrades, the longest total lunar eclipse in the century and the powerful Mars retrograde. However, this June ends with Strawbery moon that will also bring some certain changes. Check out what the Stardust says about your zodiac sign and its alignment with the strawberry moon.


If you want to take a big journey and experience things that you’ve waited for so long to try, this is the perfect chance for you. Even if you don’t feel emotionally or physically very well, you should go on your wanted trip and do the things on your bucket list.


You put a lot of effort in your romantic relationship, but it seems that the things are not doing very well lately for you. Anyway, don’t lose hope, you will melt the ice soon.

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All you wanted was a little closure and isolation from what seems to be very scary inside your relationship and professional life. You want to take a deep breath and relax, but that will magnify the issue this time. Use the energy to face the fears, then you will have your deserved rest and you will enjoy it.


You worked very hard on your projects, but still, you don’t see the end of your work because you are unable to find a solution for the crucial problems. Don’t worry, all you have to do is remain persistent, your success will become reality sooner or later.

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You might be thinking a lot about the future and having kids this month, if you don’t already have them. Under the strawberry moon, you and your partner fill finally get on the same page about what you want.


You’ve been working so hard to get your family and your home in a place where you feel you can relax and be confident, that you don’t even realize you’re there. Look around, you’ve built the life you want for yourself.

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Certain hobbies and extracurricular interests that you’ve been dabbling with might start to become much more important elements in your life. You might realize that you’re actually quite good at something you never took seriously. Try taking it seriously and see where it takes you.


You’ve been trying to solve a financial problem for a really long time and under the strawberry moon, you’re going to find the solution. It might not be something that you saw as a clear option, but it will be a solid fix.


You’ve been working really hard on a personal relationship because you know that there’s something worth your while in it. Finally, it will get to where you want it to be. Find patience while it all unfolds for you.


You’ve been looking for answers about your behavior lately, as you’ve felt a bit off. The strawberry moon is going to help you connect the dots to an instance in your past that will make sense of your presence. Learn from it.

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You lack dreams and passion, you feel that something is seriously wrong with you and your superstitious perception of the world that is not common to you. However, you will learn to find the balance and learn how to enjoy being more relaxed from thoughts and keep your mind ‘clean’.


You made hard efforts to improve your reputation and show in front of the world that you are a person who deserves more attention and respect. Anyway, that is not your style and now you want to go back in your shell and forget all of that. However, don’t give up- find who exactly do you want to make your point to and do it.


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