These 9 Signs Will Tell You If You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Being trapped inside your own negativity is worse than being sick from the heavy disease. Those who experienced something like that or even live with the burden of negativity and hatred, struggling to escape from their own prison of negativity, but it’s extremely hard.

So, becoming one with the negative aura and energy is a spontaneous process that lasts long and represents the attachment of the human soul to the pure negative energy. Of course, this manifests both mentally and physically, and in this article, we will share the 9 signs that you are your worst enemy.

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1. You are really mean to the people you love the most.

You can’t control yourself, it’s something too big to swallow, even when it comes to the people you love and care about. Your nerves are thin and that’s what makes you change yourself completely in just a second. You are unpredictable and often aggressive, either verbally or physically.

2. You are your own worst critic.

You criticize yourself, but you don’t really want to accept the truth to change something. Anyway, you love to criticize yourself and you feel deep down inside that you make crucial mistakes in life by having the negative attitude. Anyway, you can’t control it.

3. You don’t have friends that are really similar to you.

If you are a sociable person, then you realize that you are not wanted too much in your social circles. Also, you differ from the others in many ways, but you don’t do anything to change yourself so you can fit in. You don’t care about your relationships with other people.

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4. You are overly judgmental.

Sometimes you feel the need to be ‘the judge’ and to tell others what to do and to judge who is right or wrong. You want to be in power, but even when you are not, you think that your opinion only is realistic and important.

5. You can’t establish the habits that you really like to have.

There are a couple of things you want to do, but every time you feel motivated enough to start it feels like it’s not the right time. You procrastinate to a level that you are not even aware. You think you are strategizing while in reality you are postponing the things you really love doing.

6. You feel out of tune with the world.

You put on a white shirt or wash your car the day it’s going to rain. When you have a great idea you don’t write it down thinking that you’ll remember it, but an hour later and the idea is gone. You miss your bus. You can’t take a compliment. Intuition is a strange subject for you. You feel like the whole world is against you. You are out of tune with the world because you are out of tune with yourself, you turn your back on yourself and your truth.

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7. You over analyze.

Even if it’s something that excites you at first, you’ll start thinking about it, looking for anything that might give you an excuse not to do it. You do this with everything. Even if it’s a perfect relationship your obsessive thinking and over analyzing everything will find or create negativity. Everything has something negative if you look at the tiniest details. But you don’t analyze for a healthy reason, you analyze to prove to yourself that there can’t be anything good.

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8. You compare yourself to others.

No matter what happens to you, no matter how positive, there is always someone you compare yourself to. You don’t look at your own life, at what you really like to do, you want what will make you look good in the eyes of others. This is why you are not grateful for anything. You don’t see that we all walk different paths, and even if it’s the same path we might have started from a different place.

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9. You let others dictate your power.

For most of the time others dictate your entire life. You want to be original and unique, but your negativity pulls you towards others and you won’t stop showing how negative you can become until you make your point, which often is in the form of revenge or toxicity.

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