The Spiritual Aspects Of The Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos)

The South American people celebrate one important holiday that is called Dia de Los Muertos- the day of the dead. This is becoming a popular holiday because of its bizarre ways of celebration and meaning, but the roots are very old and the concepts represent the true nature of the human soul.

This kind of celebrations, where the dead are honored, are known to humanity since the archaic times. Probably the most troublesome thought in the history of humanity is: what happens after we die?

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Of course, our ancestors tried to find material and spiritual answers to solve the mystery, but nobody ever really succeeded. Anyway, in most of the old cultures, the dead are being honored and celebrations are held to boost the significance of life after that in this world.

The Day of the Dead is definitely one of these holidays. Even though the people are Catholic, this has nothing to do with the Christian religion. The roots of this holiday dates to the ancient Aztec festival for the Goddess Mictecacihuatl, The Lady of the Dead, but it has some clear connections with All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

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This is very understandable, knowing the fact that through the mixing of cultures and religions, people tried to combine the ‘mystial powers’ for greater benefit. This was known practice since ancient Egypt where the allied tribes merged their totems in one creature to represent the power of unity and even greater might.

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The Day of the Dead plays important part in the lives of the people who have faith, especially those who are devoted to having better lives following moral codes in this life. So with devotion and with gratitude, call on your loved ones, your angels, your ancestors to guide and watch over all of us during these time of collective transformation.

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Our hearts united for a greater vision, that honors and cares for our planet Earth and all of its inhabitants, activates the unifying field where we meet. We are All children of the Earth.

As we awaken to this truth, we awaken the need to care for our Earth and each other. We must each do our part. We have a voice. Connect to the stream of Life within you, grow your roots deeper into this Earth and call on to the invisible realms, to our dearly departed, and to our ancestors for courage and vision.

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