This Is Why Twin Flames Sometimes Have Doubts About Each Other

The twin flame relationship is extremely complicated, we have to admit. After writing so many articles, we always come to a conclusion that the twin flame nature is yet to be discovered and we have to search in the roots, in the source of this special connection.

The divinity of this bonding forged of pure love and energy of the universe itself, represents the unity of a spirit (soul) that is more powerful than any other bonding known to humanity. However, even the twin flames are having issues to manage their relationships, so that is how their human, ‘earthy’ nature comes to display.

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In this oxymoronic world and exhausting lifestyle, twin flames struggle to find a person to trust and love. Even when they manage to find their twin flame, they have issues to re-forge the bond to the level of divinity and eternal existence.

Twin flames often end up giving up on each other and leave; there is a whole phenomenon named after it: the runner flame.

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The thing to notice here is that more often than not, the case is that you would be giving up on yourself rather than your twin, and definitely not on love.

The easiest solution to this chaos is probably the most clichéd word in the world of dating: communication.

Gaps must be bridged, in two aspects: since you are basically dealing with your spiritual copy, you must deal with your own issues first.

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You must feel safe and contented with your station in life and your general existence. This, of course, is the tougher of the two paths.

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The second thing you must do, is sit and talk it out with your twin flame. You must be convincing in a way that you would want someone to explain the situation to you. So, if you think that you really have a twin flame out there somewhere, you should NEVER HESITATE.

Long story short- even if it seems the hardest, it’s totally worth giving a shot. If you succeed to be in a healthy relationship with twin flame, you will be able to experience one of the most beautiful things that could happen to a human being.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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