5 Strange Things You’ll Experience When Your Third Eye Opens Accidentally

The opening of the third eye is something special for real! Those who have managed to come to this level of spiritual enlightenment know how hard it is to dig that deeper and search for the answers in the darkest downs of your soul.

The kundalini awakening is a process of deep spiritual enlightenment that requires a lot of attention and hard work, to be honest. This is something that only those who are spiritually advanced are able to perform, but still, some of us have incredibly high potential for the awakening of their third eye.

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When that happens subconsciously or when you are close to finishing your final mission, you will definitely face some interesting changes that will seem strange.

5 Signs / Symptoms, When the Third Eye Opens Accidentally

1. You ‘See’ the Colours and the Light of the Day in a completely different way.

The third eye, is actually called an ‘eye’ for a reason. When activated, all senses are modified as now the predominant sense, is the 6th sense provided by the Third Eye. Colors may seem brighter. You may catch weird smells. Moreover, you can feel or hear things that actually do not exist. This almost psychotic experience is common to the ones who have accidentally activated their 3rd eye. See more here about these weird senses.

2. Dreams are Vivid, Weird and affect your Sleep.

It’s true. This is actually the most common trap, when the third eye opens accidentally. Your increased perception ‘catches’ visions and telepathic messages from beyond. The easiest way to ‘perceive’ them is via your dreams. Hence, your Dream World becomes a battlefield of weird emotions and images. When this becomes more intense, the individual will probably seek medication for better sleep, forcing the third eye back to atrophy.

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3. Headaches and Weird Feeling of Heaviness.

This is caused by the imbalance of your chakras. When the third eye opens accidentally, probably no balance have been achieved in your chakras. No proper cleansing either. Hence, all these ‘energy’ troubles will start to manifest. A non greased wheel cannot roll properly. If we apply more pressure to this un-greased wheel, then problems might appear. The exact same thing can happen to our chakras – also known as energy wheels. It goes without saying, that you should always consult with your medical doctor when headaches appear.

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4. Reality doesn’t Feel so Real anymore.

When the Third Eye opens accidentally, you may feel detached from the real world. You may have this weird feeling like you are living in a dream, like everything is a lie and nothing matters anymore. This is caused because the third eye connects you with other Realms, forcing you to perceive the existence of so much more than the material world.

5. Relationship Dynamics Change Rapidly.

This happens because when your third eye is activated can see and feel more even in relationships. What you thought was true, may now seem lame and false. An activated third can find out the truth faster than the speed of light. If you are not ready for this information overflow, you may not be able to handle it and break many relationships up.

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So, as you can already see, this is a serious process that is not supposed to be taken lightly. If you somehow feel that you experience any of these signs or if you think that you are close to the end of your spiritual journey to seeking spiritual enlightenment and open the third eye, it will be for the best to contact more advanced spiritual person that is going to give you a proper advice.

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Anyway, be fully aware that each journey is completely unique and special, but still, the advice of how to manipulate the energy, stay strong and remain confident may be of great use.

Source: MysticalRaven

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