This Is The Hottest Part Of Your Body According To The Zodiac

Each of the zodiac signs has some body part that is strongly aligned with their abilities to charm an attract other. The zodiac offers many pearls of wisdom and beautiful suggestions that may play an important part in our lives and help us acknowledge ourselves and others better and use that as an advantage towards making our lives better.

In this article, we will be focused on something that seems a little bit superstitious, but in fact, it will be an interesting ‘eye-opener’ and a good piece of information for those who are on ‘the hunt’ and want to use all of their advantages to attract their partners or dates better.

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Aries: Legs

Your legs are what makes you sexy and attractive. Your legs are found to be sexy by people and they can go on for days even if you are a short person. You’ve heard that your legs are sensational if you are a woman or you’ve heard that you have strong and muscular legs if you are a man. This is your best part of the body that needs to be exposed.

Taurus: Ears

Believe it or not, your ears are supposed to be the most attractive and sensual part of your body. Their shape and size are very sweet and attract people toward you subconsciously. On the other hand, your ears are your point of pleasure, so you love ‘playin’ in this area.

Gemini: Eyes

They say that our eyes are mirrors to our souls. Well, that is true, especially when it comes to the people born under this sign. Your eyes are your weapon and your charm, always use them when you want to attract someone and let them reflect the true side of your soul.

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Cancer: Lips

Your lips really draw people in. You are able to drive even the most unwilling crazy with the right motion. Your lips are hotter than you could ever know.

Leo: Chin

You have a chin that is so perfect it could pluck the stars from the sky. There is just something about your chin that people cannot stop looking at. It is constantly calling out to those around you and in a very seductive manner at that.

Virgo: Belly

While you might tend to keep it covered your belly is easily the hottest part of you. Chub or no chub, it is magnificent. You are a beauty to behold.

Libra: Shoulders

Your shoulders are so perfect most people find them hard to resist. When you rest your arms on things and flex even if you’re not trying to, you have the whole world swooning. You are quite the looker.

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Scorpio: Chest

Your chest draws in even those who do not want to be caught in your trap. Your chest is something that people are quite jealous of and most people will never have. It is one of a kind, just like you.

Sagittarius: Back

Your back is far more detailed than most. The way your spine curves and everything about it is just so entrancing. While this might sound a bit weird, people really cannot help but look.

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Capricorn: Hands

Your hands are delicate and yet strong. They are able to really hold their own but also make you feel in charge. Your grip is like nothing anyone has ever felt before.

Aquarius: Feet

Your feet drive the people wild! Well sounds like a fetish, but that is what the zodiac says about this sign. So, you will want to put more focus on your feet, what you’re wearing and how will you use them to your advantage if needed. It’s a specific part of the body, though.

Pisces: Neck

Your neck is your perfect area. You love your neck and it drives you wild when someone’s kissing you and touching you on this part of your body. On the other hand, people are attracted by it, so try to use it at it’s best. Use perfumes and wear jewelry- this is your strong body part when it comes to attracting others.

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