Mercury Entering Leo: Fasten Your Seatbelts And Take The Wild Ride

Mercury is entering Leo and this will be a very powerful energy shift among the others that occur this year. Be prepared to boost all of your levels of communicating and bonding with people. Be prepared to have a better insight into what is going to happen in your not so distant future.

This process began earlier in June, but it will leave strong effects in the next period. Mercury went into Leo on June 29th and will remain there until sometime in September. When Mercury is in Leo the bigger picture will present itself to you. You will be able to see most everything from the outside looking in. This will benefit you greatly.

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Mercury is a very intense planet that calls for a lot of communication and confidence. It might even have you feeling as if your goals are finally in sight. During this time you will need to really act quickly. Get as much done as you can within reason. When Mercury is in Leo we will all be feeling a bit more expressive and willing to really stand up for ourselves and this is something I believe we have all been needing for quite some time.

This is the period where you must show courage and strong character. Do not hesitate to take the ups and downs, to go above and beyond, to try the wild things. You should let your spirit go wild and suck the energy all around us. That energy may be the key to a new determination or a booster that will bring you closer to achieving your goals this year.

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Anyway, we said that the relationships and connectivities are very important. Well, try to listen to take pieces of advice from others and do not hesitate to use the help of the people around you.

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