Self Love: Conversation With Your Higher Self

We have already discussed the importance of self-love. It is something very important and something that requires self-acknowledgment and detachment from the ego, but focusing on the true aspects of one’ personality that make an individual grow and develop in order to achieve their dreams and seek spiritual enlightenment.

The self-love is not boosting the ego, but it’s understanding the duality of the human soul and accepting all aspects of it. Of course, the process of learning your true self is hard, but it opens new horizons and enables yourself to discover even the darkest parts of the soul.

On the other hand, it gives you the perfect advantage to see yourself in the brightest light, to touch the distance, to find the huge strength that will put you through the hardest possible situations. Anyway, this requires a lot of work.

In doing your work you will learn true Will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is in every way perfect. You will know your purpose when your life flows like a pure mountain stream, albeit taking a twist and turns you note the flow and coherence building into the strength and power of a major river.

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Dear one, find balance in your Heart and Mind, Body and Soul, Desire and Will, Perception and Reality, Right and Wrong, Power and Peace, Shame and Self-esteem, Future time and Now, Thought and Silence for in balance you will find peace and purpose. Understand in your powerlessness you will find your needs, which in turn is fuel for your will.

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The combination of varieties is what defines each one of us. Accept yourself as you are if you want to change yourself and grow into something bigger. Let love guide you and start with yourself. Your progress will be a huge step not just for you only, but for the whole of humanity. The micro-macro cosmos connections sometimes cause true miracles.

The truth will give you the wanted satisfaction and will be a booster towards your goals. You just have to stay focused and true to yourself.

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