The Divine Power Of Twin Flame Love: Understanding The Twin Flame Connection

To understand the twin flame connection, first, you have to understand the purpose and meaning behind it. We’ve already discussed a lot about this topic and shared various articles that cover the true nature of the twin flame connection and take all concepts from every aspect in consideration.

The twin flame connection is a concept that represents two souls, two parts that are supposed to unite as one. The roots of each twin flame bonding, according to many, is as old as the universe itself and it’s connected with the existence of the first lightworkers that brought the first souls.

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However, the twin flame connection is a vicious circle, undefined repetition of things and events that lead to the connection of the two missing parts (souls) of the ‘archaic’ one. This is a process very difficult for us to understand because the re-uniting happens on different levels of existence and in all dimensions, including those above our three-dimensional reality.

The moment of reuniting, when the missing parts (twin flames) reunite for the very first time on that level of existence, that is a true cosmic event. That is the moment when powerful energy is being released and both of the twin flames are able to feel the huge importance of their reuniting moment, even if they are not conscious about the true nature of the meeting.

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This may cause emotional disbalance and weird feelings at first.However, once they recognise each other, the real twin flame relationship begins, without ego and the need for physical gratification to continue the relationship.

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The first love between twin flames leads to romance and mystically connects the two bodies. But, the divine love doesn’t depend on physical connection only; it leads to a spiritual affiliation that makes you feel complete.

Twin flames are one soul in two bodies and finding your counterpart fulfils its purpose when you start to embrace the divine love.

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True love is not like a roller coaster ride. It doesn’t have a starting and end point like conditional love. Divine love is like a circle that doesn’t have any finish line.

It is the infinite love that doesn’t follow the rules of this world. Conditional love has its limitations. For instance, it always requires the return of love in a particular manner. When you fail to provide the defined love, there’s always frustration and anger.

But, when twin flames achieve the divine love, there are no adverse reactions. When there is no negativity, twin flames can work on connecting with their higher self without any distraction.

This connection may result in strong, eternal bonding and gives the partners chance to truly acknowledge themselves, seek spiritual enlightenment and even heal themselves with the powerful mutual energy they possess.

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