The Process Of Sending Telepathic Messages: This Is How You Do It

To enter the world of spirituality and use the benefits of it is a mission that requires a lot of patience, hard efforts, pure dedication and powerful determination. Faith and confidence are crucial, but the hard work will be the way to the final results.

People are amazed from the things they can do by manipulating energy. Actually, that’s what us, humans, do for millenniums. We just get more sophisticated and precise as we make progress throughout the years.

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However, people were more focused on manipulating energy for changing and benefiting from the material realitity, while the spiritual aspects of energy manipulation were neglected in the past few centuries.

However, the ancient pearls of wisdom are still alive. One of the most popular and interesting techniques is telepathy. If you have spiritual powers you may be even able to communicate with thoughts. This is what the telepathic connection requires:

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A Sender and a Receiver:

When you want to send a message, you’ll become the sender. You will try to transmit your message to the receiver, and it is the best practice to initiate telepathic communication with the receiver sitting in front of you when you are learning this art.

As you progress, you both can sit in opposite directions or in another room to see how you are developing your skills.

Be Confident

Before you even try to send the message, it is highly essential to understand that your belief in the process will be the pillar of your communication. The stronger it is, the more vivid your message would be for the receiver.

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Relax your Muscles

Your mind works best when your body is relaxed. Initiate your telepathic session by relaxing your body. You can breathe deeply to do that so more oxygen will reach your cells to make them feel fresh. Deep breathing also improves concentration.

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Clear your Mind

Mind clear of thoughts and any kind of pressure is crucial for all spiritual techniques, even the basics like meditation. So, if you want to engage spiritual practices, first of all, you have to learn how to control and even ‘turn off’ your own thoughts.

Start Visualizing

Visualization of the receiver and the message that you want to send is also an important part of the process. Not for this purpose only, but for most of the spiritual practices with energy manipulation that is focused on certain targets, visualization is one of the MUSTS. So, try to visualize how your message travels and is being accepted by the receiver.

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Transmitting the Message

Consider a tube that can transfer your message to the receiver. Visualize again the message you want to send. Start with the single picture of an object like an apple, a heart, or a pencil etc. Try to make the image as vivid as possible in your mind.Now wish that this message will travel to the receiver. Believe that you will succeed. Stay relaxed during the whole time, being stressed could ruin the job.

Stop Sending the Message

During the whole exercise, a time will come when you feel that the message has been transmitted. Stop at that point. Sending the message might take from seconds to minutes.

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Receiver’s Role

So, this also is a vital part of the whole process- the receiver must also keep their mind blank. This cannot be enforced, so you should choose the exact moment for your telepathic message to be sent properly. Being in touch with the person or preparing the telepathic connection may result in total failure if both of the participants aren’t spiritually advanced. Pure and clean mind during sleep or work-focus is perfect for telepathic communication (as the receiver).

The End

Always compare the results and take notes. You may also experience weird emotions or enter different spiritual processes during your attempts to connect with the specific person. Take notes of everything and try to discover the nature of your communicating abilities and, also, learn how to get better in what you do.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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