This Is What Happens When Your Soul Is Tired And How To Fix It

When our souls are tired we are being imprisoned by the devastating negativity of what is known as mind prison. On the other hand, you experience total emotional disbalance too, so you have to deal with serious issues while, in the same time, you have to somehow find the energy to do the daily activities.

Those who know how hard it is when your soul is tired are certain that this is as bad as any physical illness. However, we can find the spiritual and mental strength to overcome the pressure and rise above the spiritual exhaustion.

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Even if you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night, if your soul is tired you are still going to wake up every day feeling low and depleted of energy.

When your soul is tired, it is often a sign that you are living out of alignment with your purpose.

Your soul energy flows within you and when you lose connection to this flow, your energy can become weakened. Almost like that inner flame within starts to flicker out.

Most of us know when our soul is tired by the way that we feel each day, but here is another way to determine whether your soul is tired-

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Rub your hands together quickly for a moment to generate an electric charge between your hands. After rubbing your hands together for about 30 seconds slowly separate your hands.

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Do you feel a warmth or strong buzz coming from your hands? Keep separating your hands further and further apart until you can no longer feel the energy between them.

If you feel no energy, or if your hands stop before they reach about shoulder width, it could very well be a sign that your energy is depleted and your soul is tired.

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There are some things that play a major part in your spiritual exhaustion and make your soul really tired. Pay attention to these top 10 things that can make your soul feel tired:

Not being true to yourself
Saying yes when you really mean no
Doing something that doesn’t fulfil your purpose
Engaging in petty arguments or gossip
Hanging around toxic people, partners or friends
Negative self-talk
Holding onto the past
Surrounding yourself in clutter
Wanting or feeling a lack
Lack of self-love

So, taking care of your soul, as you can see, is crucial for having good mental health and keep your soul energized! Sometimes, we are too much obsessed with the material reality, so we forget about our other side and we let our soul rot in the negative consequences of our reckless living.

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However, there is hope for everybody. With meditation and other advanced spiritual techniques, you can get back on the right track, use some help from a Lightworker, find the answers of the questions that bother you, detach from the past and find the inner strength to be positive and happy.

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