Lunar Rituals For Beauty: Take Care Of Your Body Using The Moon’s Energy

The mystical powers of the Moon fascinated humanity since archaic times. Our ancestors, those who started understanding, practicing and worshiping spirituality, worshiped the power of the cosmic objects too and most important of all of them, right after the Sun, is the Moon.

The Sun and the Moon, though, always represented the concept of duality and many different aspects that cover the principles of life and death, revival, and moratorium. However, in this article, we will remain focused on the concept of beliefs in the mystical power of the Moon as well as the energy that is scientifically proven that plays a vital part in our everyday lives and the progress of all nature, as well as humanity.

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Probably, we shouldn’t even mention a word about the importance of the moon and its cycles in the spiritual practices in the past. It was a key component of all magical and even religious spiritual practices in the past.

The rituals in favor of the Moon were especially popular for the female population in the past, but it also remained mystical and even forbidden because of its dual purposes and representation of powers that were not acceptable for the societies in ancient times.

Anyway, the cycles of the moons are aligned with various rituals and those who want to follow this specific spiritual indoctrination may highly benefit from the energy of the moon, acknowledge themselves and their own energy better, and use the sole energy of the moon for their own spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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The feminine principles though, are even connected with the physical beauty and the effects of the moon on the female body. You will be amazed by what do we have here!

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Here is how to care for your body using the cycles of the Moon:


After the New Moon (Waxing Moon) 

It has been found that when you cut your hair or nails after the New Moon, which is during the waxing phase, they will grow back thicker, longer and healthier.

This means that if you are getting a haircut and want your hair to grow faster, choose a date just after the New Moon.

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These effects are further amplified when the waxing Moon is in certain astrological signs as well. For faster hair growth cut your hair when the Moon is in Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo or Pisces.

When the waxing Moon is in Leo it is also a particularly good time to cut your hair if you are looking to enhance its thickness.

When the waxing Moon is in Leo it is also a particularly good time to cut your hair if you are looking to enhance its thickness.

After the Full Moon (Waning Moon)

When the Moon is waning, which happens just after the Full Moon, it is the perfect time to wax, shave, pluck and exfoliate your skin.

When you shave, cut or wax your hair when the Moon is waning, the growth is said to be much slower and will even come back finer. These effects are amplified when the waning Moon is in Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius.

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Exfoliating your skin or getting a facial when the Moon is waning also helps to improve circulation and keep your skin looking clear and fresh. It has also been said that massaging and exfoliating your skin when the waning Moon is in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius can help to reduce cellulite.

Getting a manicure or pedicure at this time will also help it to last longer and will help to keep dry skin on the bottom of your feet away.

Just after the Full Moon is also a great time to start a detox or to do any type of cleansing when it comes to the body.

To know how this whole process actually works is hard to tell, honestly. Here, we refer to the final results and changes that occur to each soul, each individual human being. The manifestation of the changes is different and different people experienced various spiritual ups and downs, emotional disbalance, weird emotion, superb recharge of energy, lucid thoughts etc.

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It is a spiritual journey that requires full attention, dedication, and determination. Once you get used to it, you will have your own channels and methods to experience new spiritual heights.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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