Elementary School Sends Kids To Meditation Instead Of Definition And The Results Are Incredible

One of definitely the greatest things discovered by humanity is the technique of meditation. It is hard to define if it’s physical or spiritual technique because it covers both the body and the soul. Anyway, the benefits of meditation are huge and they often appear in the form of a healing effect.

However, it seems that in our material and consumeristic world we don’t have much time for meditation and other spiritual practices. On the other hand, many people feel the need to become more spiritual and they are interested in more interesting stuff from the spiritual world.

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In fact, this website and many, many others are part of the new wave that is supposed to keep the old pearls of wisdom alive and pass them to the next generation, spread the wisdom and help people improve their lives and acknowledge themselves better by using the wisdom from the past.

In some countries where the spiritual traditions are still alive, these spiritual techniques are presented to the kids since the earliest age. In the western hemisphere, in Baltimore, one experiment tried to discover the effects of meditation as part of the educational process on the young students in Baltimore elementary school.

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Partnering with the Holistic Life Foundation, the school now employs the Mindful Moment program to instead teach kids to wind down, reflect, and breathe in tough situations. When students are misbehaving, they send them to the Mindful Moment room for “individual assistance with emotional self-regulation.”

The room is equipped with staff that has the necessary training to help students with anxiety, stress, headaches, and more issues that can cause them to act up or feel the need to stop by the room on their own time. For students that are referred there by teachers, the specialists spend 5 minutes in targeted discussion with them and then 15 minutes doing appropriate mindful exercises to help them; this can range from breathing exercises to simple yoga.

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In this troubled neighborhood, the mindful moments help them to not only decompress but to also overcome the trauma they might have faced that’s causing them to act out. Ali Smith, one of the masterminds behind the program, said,

“They see people get murdered, they see violence, they see all types of things and it is all kind of building up inside them never actually had a way to kind of be aware of it and release it, so we are kind of giving them the tools to be aware of it and let it go.”

Studies show that meditation can relieve pain, enhance creativity, relieve stress and boost immune systems. Regular practice can increase left frontal activity in the brain, which is associated with positive mood, and decrease activity in the amygdala, the area related to stress and anxiety.

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This definitely is a great progress in this field. So, we would really like to see more efforts to bring meditation, even as an idea or concept, closer to the students. Practical education of meditation and other spiritual techniques will be something even better.

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