Make Swedish Torch In 4 Simple Steps: The Log Campfire That Burns All Night Long

Sometimes in life, we just love to share some little useful pearls of wisdom that may help you to make your lives better. In this article, we have something truly amazing to share with our fans- the famous Swedish Torch- the log campfire that burns perfectly for the whole night.

The main concept of the Swedish Torch is to use maximum efficiency from the logs. This is a very handy technique when you are running low on logs or if you struggle to make them last longer to have a nice, quality warming during the whole night.

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Those who go camping, for instance, know the true value and importance of having a solid fire during the night and even the day. Living in nature is way more complicated than most people think and it requires many things that need to be seriously taken care of- one of the crucial among them is definitely the campfire.

Except this very useful features, the Swedish Torch is awesome becuse radiates the warmth in a very balanced way. This gives people around the fire a nice and comfortable feeling, not too hot for sure, and this makes them stay longer around the fire which is actually great.

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Making A Swedish Torch:

Step #1:
You will begin by getting or finding yourself a log that is much wider than the others, it will need to be flat on the top and the bottom. This looking more like a bit of stump than a log but is ideal. It doesn’t have to be perfect but if its wide and can balance itself it should do just fine.

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Step #2:
Now, with any tool you prefer, make some cuts into the log. Two or three across the top and most of the way down, just stopping before the bottom. They don’t have to be completely even or perfect, just do your best.

Step #3:
Now that you have it ready to light, start a fire on top with kindling and watch as the airflow from underneath really allows the fire to catch the log. From here things should run quite smoothly. Getting it lit is probably the hardest part, and even that is simple.

Step #4:
Now with the fire being near the top as the log burn s coals will fall to the bottom and keep things going. As it burns the lower parts will do the same slowly. This will give you a long-lasting fire and the shape of the log will also be fine to cook on if you choose to do so.

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