7 Ways That Will Lead You To The Perfect Tantric Intimacy Experience

The physical connection is sometimes able to give us an incredible pleasure, something that will completely drive our senses and open our imagination. The materialization of love through a burning passion is something that inspired people to create miracles since the beginning of humanity.

Because of love we are able to change and develop. So, would you change the way you practice sex to make it an incredible experience? In this article, we will share 7 tantric ways to experience the strongest tantric intimacy.

To know more about the Kama Sutra, you should actually buy and read the book. It is a pear of ancient wisdom, but in the same time it is a book that enriches your imagination and opens gates wide open to places that you’ve never been before.

We all enjoy sex, that’s for sure, but still, there are some slight changes that may intense your complete satisfaction:

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1. Synchronize your breathing with one another.

Being synchronized with your partner is one of the key components in making love. Being synchronized means being perfect in sex! If you are able to find the common ground with your partner that will be awesome, if you take it to the next level, like synchronized movement of the extremities and synchronized breathing, you will be able to hold the right rhythm to feel the perfect pleasure.

2. Really clear your mind.

Have your mind cleared of everything and all. Stay focused on the moments that you experience and those moments are wonderful. Drive the feelings and suck on the emotions. Have that energy transformed in pure love and let your entire body to be completely put under the ‘spell’ of the intense feelings.

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3. Look into your partner’s eyes.

Stop looking off into the distance or closing your eyes. Really look into one another’s eyes, don’t be afraid to view his or her soul. Really see one another as you are in your rawest forms.

4. Share plenty of tantric kisses.

Really kiss each other like you mean it. Allow your lips to sink into one another and feel the connection you have. Don’t cut things short or try to skip over the important parts of one another.

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5. Assume Yab-yum position.

This position is one in which you either sit cross-legged across from your partner with your legs wrapped around his or her torso or merely with your knees touching. You really focus on one another in this position. It brings you closer and is a way to really allow you to carry out the other steps properly.

6. Make sure your intimate space is one you actually like.

Clean up before getting intimate. Really set the mood if you think it needs to be done. Don’t hesitate to light some candles and burn some incense. Do whatever you think will get you in a more relaxed and mellow mood.

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7. Take things really slow.

We already mentioned how important it is to enjoy the heat of the moment. So, you will have to take things slowly to magnify the geniune experience. Be not afraid, it won’t ruin anything, it will only make the pleasure more intense and you will have new horizons open, because you will be able to discover the little things that make the physical bonding so strong.

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