The Secrets Of The Ancient Egyptian Symbol Ankh Revealed

The ancient Egyptian religion is full of mysticism, wisdom and practical techniques that meant the whole world to the people who lived thousands of years ago and set up one of the most important roots of the modern human civilization.

Ancient Egypt and the tradition from this area of the world is full of interesting spiritual forms that amaze even the modern spiritualists. On the other hand, the Egyptian spiritual indoctrination is a pure definition of magic and magical practices, deeply connected with totemism and afterlife.

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People in ancient Egypt, especially the priests, were also strongly connected to their divine symbols. The symbolism makes the Egyptian mythology even more beautiful and richer. In this article, we will be focused on Ankh- one of the major and most important symbols in ancient Egypt- the symbol of Truth.

The symbol of the Ankh is heavily encoded. There are numerous accounts of what it means metaphorically and literally. It is said to be not just ‘the meaning of life’, but the creation of life itself. So many people are drawn to the Ankh, but perhaps most of them do not really know of its deeper meanings, instead are resonate with its value and feel a sense of peace just by looking at it.

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As we know the human consciousness is easily drawn to symbols, our brains are wired to see patterns, images, and messages everywhere and in everything. That is why advertisements work so well on us, and why Tarot cards carry archetypes that are easily understood by most people. The subconscious mind remembers and stores all of these archetypes within the very fabric of our being. The power of story is what keeps these archetypes, symbols, and myths alive and is continuously repeated in movies, books, and art.

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One of the more famous Egyptians, who happen to have the word Ankh in the middle of his name (Tut-Ankh-Amun), was found with an Ankh mirror in his tomb. I found this fascinating, simply due to the double esoteric meaning provoked in the idea of mirrors being the gateway to other realms and the shape of the Ankh being a ‘key of life’. However, this is not a case of understanding life or death, this is a case of being present to our logic and intuition right here and now because this is what truly matters to any of us if we really pay attention.

Put simply, this wonderful play on words (the word Ankh is also known to mean mirror) makes most sense when we recognize an important message that is trying to be passed down. One must always be looking in the mirror of truth at ourselves so that we might keep an eye on where we are in our journey. By being brutally honest with ourselves, and swearing to live our lives consciously, we are no longer able to turn back, and for good reason – we have opened the door of life with the key of the Ankh. Once people begin seeking more than the usual pleasures of life, the deeper meaning and truth of their being and the principles of this life, then and only then, can it be understood that the answer is always in the beauty and blessing of life itself.

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In the end, the story of Ankh leads us to the crucial and most important question: WHAT IS LIFE? Life is definitely a beautiful thing, but it always comes to us, even when the situation is hardest, to make life beautiful and worth living.

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We have to ‘feed the good wolf’, live in the moment, see the beautiful detail in all things- that is how you will keep your energy recharged and your mind free of negative thoughts. As you can see, in the end it is all simple, so simple…

Even the ancient Egyptians knew that life is short, they prepared for their afterlives very hard during most of their lives, but the main principle was to see life with the true eyes, to appreciate the truth and to find what’s beautiful and positive in all things, but first and most important- in ourselves.

Source: SpiritScienceCentral

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