The Mercury Retrograde In July Brings Great News

During this period of extremely strong energy shifts, we will have an opportunity to see Mercury retrograde at its finest. Meanwhile, we will also have to remain strong and hold on to the powerful energy waves of the New Moon that’s approaching.

Anyway, the energy of Mercury retrograde is going to be very positive refreshment and great opportunity to take a deep breath during the energy shifts that cause us to lose our emotional and even physical balance.

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Being focused means a lot and being connected to the right things and people even more. Mercury is the planet of connectivity. Be prepared to focus on the important things in life and try to connect better with all of those who mean something in your life.

On July 26, at exactly 1:02 a.m. ET, Mercury will begin to move backward in the sign of Leo. Now, we all know what happens when Mercury stations Retrograde. Our cell phones freeze, some of us might miss an appointment, or perhaps run into an ex, but trust me, that’s not all the only come with this retrograde cycle.

The sun will square rebellious Uranus, which creates nervous tension, outbursts, and unpredictability. This energy is pure chaos, guys. Make sure you remember to breathe and take it easy.

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Mars will also be making a square to Uranus while opposing the sun, and this only enhances the rebel factor. That said, pay attention to last minute plans and details, and by all means, do not sign any important contracts until the end of August.

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Use the energy of our solar system to improve your life. This is the time when you need to push the gas as strong as possible. Make your engines work at full capacity and, of course, never forget to remain focused.

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The choices we make in life define who you are, so even if you want to be rebellious and do something out of the ordinary to find the wanted strength to go one step closer towards making your dreams come true- then don’t be afraid to take any chance for excitement and new experience!

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