Lightworkers, Wayshowers and All Other Humans, Step Up! The Time To Unite And Change Has Come

We are now facing hard times on Earth, all of us, humans. We were never supposed to see the things in the way they truly are because the new generations of people are constantly kept away from the truth about what’s really going on around them.

We are slaves of the monetary policy and the modern slaves are created just like the money is- in and by debt. However, there are still spiritually and morally strong people who use their intelligence and even material resources to stay independent and protect themselves from the negativity of the modern way of life.

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The modern ways of living are characterized by intense negativity of those who are in a constant charge for more profit, dominance and power, while empathy and compassion are just verbal terms without true meaning to most of us.

On the other hand, the technology progress and inventions are skyrocketing. Meanwhile, many people seem to be consumed by the consumeristic and materialistic way of living, so the technology is of no use to them, but they are slaves of the virtual reality and slowly lose their own consciousness.Right now, many are struggling and it’s a time to PROVIDE THAT SUPPORT by SHOWING (BEING THE WAYSHOWER) for HOW this is done… by BEing the light, by empowering others who are truly ready to be a part of the MAGIC that we experience every moment of every day…. honor the feelings all are feeling, it’s important. Hold your space though.

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This is not about enabling, this is about empowering others to KNOW what you already know … for they do know it too. You point others to ways to figure it out/find it within themselves….

Desperation activates inspiration for many. For it’s in this place that new realizations and desires are born/birthed. Everyone has to be willing…. this is the COLLECTIVE CALL for ALL TO STEP UP…. vibrationally…. come together, realize (Real-eyes) and re-focus where each puts their energy, spends their money, what they are actually supporting with their actions….

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This is a serious time! This is the time to WAKE UP and fight for the future of humanity. We must not allow to transform ourselves in something that is unnatural and distant from the true values and beauty of the human soul.

We’ve come to a point where we must make a decision. Our decisions define who we are and make us grow, so this should be one of the most crucial decisions ever made- are we going to remain ignorant, or wake up?

Source: SpiritualUnite

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