See What The Upcoming Partial Solar Eclipse Has In Store For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The New Moon is in cancer and it is a powerful moment because we also experience 6 parallel retrogrades. The cosmic events are extremely powerful this year and they are part of a huge radical energy shift that occurs in the whole solar system.

On July 12th we will feel energy waves of deep spiritual significance. We will witness a partial solar eclipse that is not going to look powerful at first sight but will bring nice force that will help us recharge our batteries and find the energy to move forward towards facing the changes at the end of this summer.

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In the weeks to come, we will feel these changes in a very powerful way. Until then, we can use the wisdom from the Stardust to discover something more about ourselves and how to use the energy of the partial eclipse for our own purpose. Check it out for your own zodiac sign!


You will be extremely energized and you will definitely feel the change. However, these feelings may only confuse you and take away your focus from the important goals for you this summer. Don’t let yourself to waste the valuable energy on things that are not productive, but are aligned with the nature of your wild personality. Stay loyal to your own cause and use the energy to go one step forward in your efforts to achieve the personal goals.

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You are attached to an important mission and this time you are not going to give in by any means. Use the energy of the eclipse to bring new content in our life, something that will give you strength, open your horizons and let you discover your new strength and abilities that will make your way easier towards completing your important mission.


You are going to have a simple experience with this partial eclipse. It is going to bring you to something new but nothing that blows you off of your feet. Because you are so familiar with beginnings and endings this is not going to really shake you to your core like it will other signs.

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Something you have been needing to become aware of is going to make itself known to you very soon. Do not worry too much about it now, just let it present itself. Whatever this hidden thing is, remember that the way you react changes everything.


This partial solar eclipse will be affecting your sign the most. You are going to be experiencing some negative emotions most likely and they aren’t going to be easy to work through. That being said, if you can ground yourself properly you will manage just fine.

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As a Virgo, you usually don’t get affected by things like this but this time you will be coming to the end of something you never wanted to end. That being said, the value of this end is going to stick with you for quite some time. Do not lose the meaning behind the things going on in your life, read into them as best you can.

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You are going to go through some kind of internal change and it is really going to affect your mood. The way you feel and the things going on in your life might become a bit overwhelming but you need to do your best to make sense of them. Do not bottle no matter what.


For you, there is something headed your way that is going to broaden your horizons. Your boundaries are about to change and things are really going to be kicking off. Stay positive and ride this one through, the time for growth is now.


Romance is in the air and for you, it is going to do something interesting. Perhaps you ignite an old flame or find a new one? Only time will tell where you are truly headed in your love life.


You are going to be losing your sense of focus for a little while and everything is going to feel as if it is flying right over your head. Take this time to slow down and relax. We all need a break from time to time.

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This new partial eclipse will teach you that you are not as independent as you are supposed to be and wanted to be. This will be a new challenge to discover the flaws that prevent you from having a total dominance in some things that are extremely important to you. Maybe this is the time when you are going to come to a realization that you must show some teeth.

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No sign will be as affected as you from the solar eclipse. It is something very nice, but its hard when your world is put upside down. Try to find the strength to win your inner struggles and grow bigger. You have everything you need, just stay focused and explore the unknown area.

Source: Awarenessact

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