The Strange Connection And Powerful Experience Between Empaths And Vivid Dreams Revealed

Dreams still represent an interesting sensation to most of the people. Despite everything, we still need to learn how to handle the emotional stress after having an intense dream. Anyway, most of us are not able to clearly define their dreams with certainty, because our dreams are a mirror to our subconscious and spiritual reality.

However, some of us are having special abilities, the strongest spiritual side and consciousness or they are empaths. Empaths are lightworkers in human form, special kind of humans who are supposed to take care of the rest of the human population.

They have empathic abilities and some of them who are on the more advanced level are even able to heal people. Their advanced cognitive and perpetual abilities make them able to connect better with their dreams.

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The reality in their dreams is divided in a couple of different forms. This is how the empaths see their dreams:

Lurid Nightmares

The reason why nightmares experienced by empaths are excruciatingly disturbing is that they are vivid.When they wake up from such hauntingly disturbing images, they often scream and experience heart palpitations.Empaths are sensitive beings, and minor conflicts occupy a permanent place in their subconscious until they’re resolved.

Creative Dreams

Creativity is an idiosyncratic talent of empaths, and its effects also show in the dream world.They’re blessed with colossal imaginations, and these imaginative tendencies create fantastical lands inside their minds.Infinite possibilities emerge and vanish inside their minds in a matter of seconds. That is why; their dreams are a source of inspiration for them.Writers and painters often create art that is reflective of their dreams. They get their bright ideas from their dream-world ― a breeding ground for brilliance.Most renowned painters and writers were empaths, and their art revolutionized the world.

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Sequential dreams

Sometimes, the dreams of empaths chronicle essential events. These dreams are not erratic. They are well structured, and each event is connected to the one preceding it.They are not baffling or misleading. Most of the times, they are trying to make an empath understand a real-life event that’s just around the corner.

Free-fall dreams

This is one of the most common dreaming experience of all of those who have strong spiritual side and the empath population. The free fall dream is connected with strong spiritual relase of energy, but there are many different explanations in different cultures and beliefs. For the empaths, this may be a sign that they are cornered and they should take a strong initiative to find the strength to stand up for themselves in real life.

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Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are just another proof how strong empaths’ spiritual side is. Well, they have their own ways to shift through dimensions and connect with things that are way above the limits of understanding and even feeling of the average human being.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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