Big Energy Shift On July 10th- Jupiter Retrograde Finally Ending

The strong season of energy shifts is reaching the zenith. However, we will be a little bit relaxed as Jupiter Retrograde finally ends on July 10th. The behavior of each human being will be affected by the release of energy and during this period we will be focused on some essential stuff.

Jupiter is the planet of changes, honor, dedication, and dignity. This period when Jupiter is coming out of the retrograde, we are supposed to get weird ideas. The self-righteousness, greed, and lust will be put to test- we will have to show rationality and pull the break.

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The retrograde ends on July 10th and will be at 13 degrees Scorpio. This will be the time when we are going to receive strong energy. We will be energized, but, as we already mentioned, we will be all put to test.

The next period we will experience strong energy shifts in continuous chain reaction, this means that we should use this energy for improvement, not for magnifying the issues in life. Through this retrograde, we were able to truly admit the problems we were faced with and begin to work through them. As the end draws near we also grow closer and closer to that sense of happiness and success we have been seeking. We might be left with some kind of imbalance or issues that need correcting as the retrograde comes to an end. The weeks following will be able to resolve any situations that have not been dealt with.

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You will have to go on a little mission to become more confident and one step closer towards making your dreams come true. Even if you check the Zodiac, you will see that in this period, crucial changes are supposed to happen.

All you have to do is rise above the things that slow you down, detach from the negativity of the past, surpass the challenges ahead and go straight towards reshaping the reality you live in according to your own views and wishes.

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