Discover The 5 Smooth Ways To Deal With People You Dislike

Sometimes in life, we just approach people that we can’t stand or we just don’t like. It is an unpleasant feeling to spend time with those people who make you suffer in their very own presence. This makes us look for different ways how to ‘dodge’ these people and get the best outcome of the situation.

Being arrogant is never the solution. In thist article, you will learn that there are more important things, things that cover the self-acknowledgment of the person and the objective and real point of view.

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Check these 5 perfect ways to deal with negative people you dislike:

1) Become aware of qualities you detest

To become aware of qualities you detest, first of all, you need to navigate yourself well in a relationship with other human beings. Try to discover every quality that you just cannot accept and, also, try to see if you follow your own principles and have these qualities. Try to accept and understand some of them, but also, try to pull a red line.

2) Identify and accept

Sometiems the best solution is to accept the problem, but to do that and come to a solution eventualy, but a perfect and ever standing solution, first you have to understand and identify the negative sides in the person that create the issue in the first place between you two. Be focused in finding the little details because they determine the relationship.

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3) Change your way of thinking

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Often when we dislike someone, we have a tendency to see them in black or blue colors of hatred and contempt. These feelings make us biased towards them and we don’t appreciate anything and everything they say or do. In a situation when it is difficult for you to control the negative emotions, ask yourself simple questions like, ‘will it matter to me after a year?’ or ‘what if I’ before reacting or feeling frustrated.For example, if your boss is shouting at you for any reason, think will it matter to you after five years from now, or what if you focus on positive alternatives instead. This approach will divert your attention and empower you, instead of making you feel helpless.

4) Pause & think

Before you, try making a conscious decision to. From this pause, you’ll be better able to proceed with a mind and heart that are at least slightly more open.‘Pause’ is a powerful word when it comes to dealing with people you do not like. Stop, take a deep breath and replay the situation in your mind or give yourself space and time to consider the outcome or consequence of your reaction. Make a conscious effort to put the judgment on hold for a second and think with a clear mind and heart.

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5) Positive annoyance

Our positive ways of thinking and our spreading of high frequency vibration can be our strongest weapon sometimes! Be positive and always represent the change that you want to see in the world around you. If your positive annoyance is too powerful, be ensured that the springs of toxicity won’t be part of your life or, even better, you will be able to change them, to share your energy with them and help them grow.

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