Discover The Secrets Of The Powerful Hawaiian Healing Technique Ho’oponopono

We’re back to our favorite topics! The traditions from all over the world offer us magnificent pearls of wisdom that we should all use to improve the way we live today. The archaic gems of wisdom still live, that’s for sure, and this is another article where we will talk more about one of these spiritual techniques.

The healing techniques from the shamanic times are very popular in the world of spirituality today. Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian art of healing, it is part of the culture of the Hawaiian natives and has astonishing effects on people.

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This healing technique is based on absolute STILLNESS- this is very popular in the Buddhist indoctrination and practical teachings. The other most important part of the Ho’oponopono concept of healing is definitely the state of non-duality and total tranquility.

Based on the principle of love, gratitude and forgiveness, this ancient practice talks about the ability to take responsibility of not only your own action, but also the action of others.

“Ho’oponopono is a profound gift that allows one to develop a working relationship with the divinity within and learn to ask that in each moment, our errors in thought, word, deed, or action be cleansed. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past. ~ Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Ho’oponopono Master Teacher”

This healing practice gained huge popularity when Hew Len healed a ward of criminally insane prisoners in Hawaii state hospital. He used his meditation and healing techniques to connect to the people. Then, he healed themselves through his own body and mind. He healed himself to heal them, he said.

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To perform this technique you have to be fully prepared to take action, but first you must understand the ancient concepts of being completely still and one with nature. These are the Indian indoctrination about the connection of the Micro and Macro cosmos together with the power of nature- the Mother Earth.

You should see yourself as a creature that is one with nature and the universe. You have to be advanced in meditation to begin the practice.

The process of Ho’oponopono:

  • Close your eyes, and focus on the blank space in your mind or your mind’s eye.
  • Bring in to the stage of your mind’s eye a person/situation/feeling or object you want to heal.
  • Feel the infinite light from the source (higher self) on the top of your head and flowing in your entire body from head to toe. Flowing through the open top of the head, the light goes all over the body and comes out of your heart, opening the heart chakra. Generate a sense of compassion and desire to heal the person or situation or feeling or object.
  • Ensure yourself that is ok to heal the person/situation/feeling or object.
  • Ask for forgiveness by saying I am sorry, please forgive me. Also, forgive the other person/situation/feeling or object, remember when you are forgiving someone, you are forgiving yourself.
  • Then profess your love for the person/situation/feeling or object and pay your gratitude by saying thank you.
  • After your discussion, allow the person to float away wherever they belong to and cut the aka cord (Aka is an Hawaiian word for energy threads we have with everything and everybody. It consists of ideas, feelings, thoughts and information and all forms of contact that exists whether physical or otherwise), if appropriate or if you are in a relationship with the person, it is advised to assimilate them inside yourself.
  • Repeat the procedure with whosoever you want. Remember to notice the difference in them & yourself and if needed, repeat the process again as many times, till you feel zero negativity.
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Keeping the good work continiouly will let you rech the next levels and improve yourself. The spiritual techniques and even those without healing effects, are truly able to change your life. So give it a try!



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