Find Out Which Is Your Power Color According To Your Zodiac Sign

Each of the zodiac signs is attracted to a special color of power. The colors are symbolizing something and they also hold an important significance in the world of spirituality.

In this article, we share what your power color is based on your zodiac sign:

Aries – Red

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the leader and represents courage, boldness, and fire. Aries is also ruled by Mars, which is coincidentally also known as the red planet. Red in all shades and hues is a power color for those with the Sun in Aries.It can help to unlock and release Aries energy, helping you to find your true power. Depending on your mood and personality, you can also experiment with bolder or softer shades of red in your wardrobe and around your home.



Taurus holds grounding, earthy energy and is ruled by the goddess planet, Venus. Green is the perfect color to compliment Taurus energy because it represents practicality, stability, and groundedness.Green is also the color of the heart chakra, helping to unlock the lighter and more creative characteristics of this sign. Experiment with bright and muted tones of green in your wardrobe and around the home.


This is the color of fun, laughter and joy! This is the color of Gemini and it represents your zodiac sign in the best light possible. The friendly and sociable nature is represented by this color, but as well as the knowledge and power of connectivity. This is an active color that can help you get out of your head and open the horizons.

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You are constantly divided by your emotions and consciousness. You are in struggle to control your deep emotional and wild nature, but still, you always manage somehow to find the balance. White and light grey is your color because represents neutrality, tranquility, serenity and relaxation- the exact things that you need to find your inner balance.


You want to shine and be in the spotlight. Gold is the perfect color for all Leos. It is the color that represents your confidence, creative abilities, strong-willed charachter and charismatic personality. You use your talents in front of crowds, you know how to use your 5 minutes of fame and you are a fighter. Try new things and experiment with gold accesories- gold suits you perfectly!


Your nature determines your behavior- order, precision and wisdom. You want to see all things with real eyes and you are free of judgement, but still, you are all about spreading positivity and make all things right around you. Pink is your color of positivity and compassion, you are a wanted leader and sociable genius that needs to stick around people more.


You are the natural mediator of all zodiac signs, you are the balance, the soft soul and the sword. The same happens in your social circles, you represent justice, morality and peace. Because of that, you have the divine sky bule color to represent your zodiac sign.


Image result for black darkblue

Scorpio energy is all about learning to transform and to bring light to the darkness. Dark colors like black and deep purple are therefore great complimentary colors for Scorpios.Black has the ability to absorb light energy, making it a powerful color to wear while cleansing an aura or space. Black is also an easy color to work with and can help to evoke feelings of confidence, power, and control. Experiment with black statement pieces in your wardrobe and accents around the home.

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Sagittarius energy is all about broadening the mind and learning new things. Orange is a highly energizing and creative color making it the perfect choice for this zodiac sign.Orange has also been shown to help increase feelings of productivity, which is great for Sagittarius who tend to get easily distracted or struggle to stay on topic.Orange is also very creative and can help to unlock this energy in Sagittarians. Experiment with shades of orange and even coral in your wardrobe and around the home.


Capricorn has a very earthy, practical and hardworking attitude and this energy can be heightened by the color brown. Brown is a very soft, neutral color that indicates wisdom, strength, and practicality, which are all true Capricorn traits.While Brown may seem like a dull color, wearing the right shade can really compliment Capricorn energy. Experiment with beige, tan, or even burgundy shades to see what feels best for you. A cream is also a classic and elegant color that can also work well as a power color for Capricorns.


Aquarius is the born humanitarians and is always a team player. As the water carrier, the power color for Aquarius is Aqua Blue. This color is bright, light and can help to bring out the best Aquarian qualities.Aqua Blue is also a very calming color and can help to evoke feelings of peace and relaxation. Experiment with Aqua Blue shades in your wardrobe and in the home and see if it can help you to tune into your inner strength.

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This is definitely the zodiac sign that makes intuition the strongest weapon in their possession. Purple is the color of universal choice, good intuition, wisdom and insight. This is the color of the third eye chakra and strengthens the intuitive and psychic abilities of each spirit.

Source: Gostica

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