Here’s Why Loners Are The Most Loyal & Intellectual People You Will Ever Meet

Being a loner is not as easy as it seems. People who spend more time in loneliness are different than the rest of the people, they are special, unique and they shouldn’t be judged or unaccepted for being the way they are.

Others, on the other hand, work hard and invest themselves in their social relationship. Most of us are dedicated on having friends and life partners, loners don’t really bother about these things. Of course, they are emotional beings and they want to connect. However, their ways are different and unique.

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If you think that they are pompous, ignorant and isolated in their hermetic bubble, you are very wrong. Loners often have stronger empathic abilities and they always base their decisions on their extremely high intelligence.

Because they are very smart, they don’t trust people. To gain their trust you have to win them emotionally and rationally. You have to show them that you really care and that you are loyal, because they are completely loyal creatures themselves.

From the outside, it may appear that your loner friend is socially awkward or even lonely, however, the loner chooses to be alone. It isn’t that they feel above everyone else, or regard themselves so highly that they ignore others. Actually, they are very compassionate, and down to earth people that care a lot.

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If you have a loner as a friend, you have to understand that despite the fact that they enjoy being alone in most cases, they chose you to be their friend. While it is obvious that they choose the people they have in their lives very carefully, when the loner chooses a person to have in their life, they have chosen this person above all others.

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You will learn that they love having friends and be accompanied by others, but they truly value their time, words and emotions, they are not going to waste them or invest them in someone or something that is rotten or superstitious.

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They have strong values and they want to truly bond with someone. Well, if you want to engage a loner and become best friends- you can do it! All you need is to be patient, honest and with a pure heart.

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