Learn Your Weaknesses And How To Heal Yourself Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac offers many different ways to observe and characterize the human nature, as well as many other things that define the existence of humanity as a whole, but, also, the differences and specialties that we all have on an individual level.

Of course, there are many different things mutually connected in the zodiac, but when it comes to the physical parts of the human body and the healing effects, well, things are getting complicated. Unlike some certain spiritual trait of the zodiac signs, to find the same spiritual traits for each zodiac sign is a lot harder.

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However, in this article, we have one interesting zodiac concept that tells you which part of your body is connected to a specific zodiac sign and possible succesful healing effects.


Body: Aries rules over the head, hair and face.

Energy: When it comes to Aries, be sure that is all about the leadership. Aries are natural born leaders and if you re born under this sign then yu should go and fight for what you truly desire, but take care of those who are around you. Try to manage your temper better.

Imbalances: Of course, you already know that Aries is zodiac sign charachterized by temper and strong emotional disbalances from time to time, but physically, the energy disbalance can be manifested through migraines, loss of confidence, runny nose or sinus problems, headeches etc.

Healing: The best healing method for Aries is definitely raising the self-confidence and taking the spirit to the highest level.


Body:Taurus rules over the neck, throat, thyroid, tonsils and upper back area.

Energy: Taurus biggest energy stability is in their own consistency and safety. They care about their possessions, both material and intellectual.

Imbalances: Upper neck issues and headaches are Taurus worst problem. Neck issues, as we said, but also feeling of stuckness in the throat or issues with the lymph gland.

Healing: Taurus’ practical approach to life is best for energy healing. That is where they drain the energy from- the practical, simple and functional things that make life more simplified and easier.

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Body: Cancer rules over the chest, breast and heart area.

Energy: Cancer energy is about tuning into your emotions and expressing your truth and feelings. Cancer energy is also very nurturing and often desires to be of service to others.

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Imbalances: When Cancer energy is out of balance it can manifest as uncontrollable emotions, feeling drained or overly sensitive and even withdrawal or the desire to be alone. Symptoms include respiratory illnesses, coughing, sore breasts and a tendency to emotionally eat.

Healing: To balance Cancer energy breathing exercises are often most beneficial, as is spending time out in the fresh air and light exercise. Balance can also be achieved through volunteering, giving to others or spending time nourishing and loving yourself.



Body: Leo rules over the heart, as well as the upper back.

Energy: Leo energy is all about learning to shine by being true to who you are. Leo energy is proud, confident and unafraid to express or go after what it wants.

Imbalances: When Leo energy is out of balance it can manifest as heart complications, difficulty in expressing emotions and feeling closed off to love. It can also manifest as a lack of self-confidence, feeling shy or lead by fears.

Healing: To balance Leo energy, any form of creative expression is often helpful. This includes art, dancing, poetry, acting etc. Doing yoga poses to help open the heart area is also recommended, as is talking about or communicating your feelings to those you care about.


Body: Virgo rules over the stomach and digestive organs.

Energy: Virgo energy is earthy, grounded and helps us to stay motivated to move through life’s challenges. Virgo energy is also about noticing the smaller, more refined details and is very headstrong.

Imbalances: When Virgo energy is out of balance it can manifest as digestive problems, constipation, eating disorders, chronic dieting and poor digestion. It can also manifest as over-thinking, stubbornness and obsessive behaviours.

Healing: To balance Virgo energy, it is important to learn how to let go and release some of the expectations you are placing on yourself. It is also important to calm your mind and perhaps take the time to get to the bottom of any nagging thoughts. This is best done through meditation, creative projects or even exercise. Making peace with your body and ensuring that you are eating a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables can also be helpful.


Body: Libra energy rules over your kidneys, bladder and lower back area.

Energy: Libra energy is all about learning how to connect and grow with others and form healthy partnerships and relationships.

Imbalances: When Libra energy is out of balance it can manifest as being too independent or too co-dependent. It can also manifest as issues relating to the bladder such as infections, frequent urination or lower back pain.

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Healing: To balance Libra energy, it is important to find ways how to compromise in your life and perhaps think about others. On the flip side, if you have been relying too much to others, it may be time to find your own independence and strength.

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Body: Scorpio energy rules over the genital area.

Energy: Scorpio energy is all about transformation and learning how to grow and change through life’s experiences. It is also about digging through your shadow side in order to bring it into the light.

Imbalances: When Scorpio energy is out of balance it can manifest as feeling stuck or perhaps even overwhelmed by too much change too quickly. It can also manifest as depression, STD’s, lack of libido or an overactive libido.

Healing: To balance Scorpio energy it is important to embrace change and be open to dealing with any shadows that emerge. To help with this, it may be beneficial to take up practices like meditation and tantra. Spending time near water can also help to recharge your batteries and emotionally release.


Body: Sagittarius energy rules over your hips and thighs. It also rules over the liver.

Energy: Sagittarius energy is all about learning, exploring and teaching. Sagittarius energy is always ready for adventure and craves to understand life and the world.

Imbalances: When Sagittarius energy is out of balance it can manifest as hip problems, liver issues or even the tendency to over-indulge. It can also manifest as restlessness or perhaps an inability to stay in one spot for a long period of time. Alternatively, it can also manifest as stagnancy and perhaps an unwillingness to learn, embrace other cultures or keep an open-mind.

Healing: One of the best ways to balance Sagittarius energy is to travel or learn something new that will help to open and expand your mind. Doing something different from your regular routine can also help to balance the energy as can exercises that help to open the hip area.

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Body: Capricorn energy rules over your bones, knees and teeth.

Energy: Capricorn energy is all about getting things done in a practical and orderly fashion. Capricorn energy is extremely ambitious and is highly motivated to achieve and create.

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Imbalances: When out of balance, Capricorn energy can lead to workaholic tendencies, issues with the knees, cavities or tooth pain. It can also lead to putting too much pressure on oneself to achieve and a habit of working or ‘doing things’ in order to avoid emotions.

Healing: To balance Capricorn energy it is important to take a break, slow down and perhaps also check in with what is really fuelling your ambitions. A re-working of your schedule may also be in order to make less time for work and more time for play. Taking up practices such as meditation, yoga or even journalling may also be helpful.


Body: Aquarius energy rules over your ankles and your nervous system.

Energy: The energy of this zodiac sign is connected with their strong sense for compassion and collectivity, as well as their strong support for humanity, their openmindedness, wide horizons and positivity. They are revolutionaries by nature and they want positive changes on the global scale.

Imbalances: They often struggle to discover if their view of reality is aligned with how others see the world. They are weak targets for anxiety and depression, changes in their weight are also common.

Healing: Aquarius heals with balance of emotional and physical state. They are masters of their own bodies and minds, but they lack confidence. They need to trust themselves and let their spirits guide them- then, only the sky is the limit.


Body: Pisces energy rules over the feet and pineal gland.

Energy: This is definitely the most spiritual of all zodiac signs- this means that the pineal gland and the spiritual aspects are holders of Pisces energy. They are driven by emotions and feelings, their physical reality is directly alinged with their spiritual reality.

Imbalances: Well, their egocentrical side is definitely the greatest issue. They can be perfect in many things, but their strong ego makes Pisces lose control over their physical and even mental health. They are adventourous spirits, but they take risks easily and sometimes risks may result in big loses.

Healing: Having certain patterns and systems of rules that are supposed to be followed with no excuses is the best way to put themselves under the protection on their own. Their strong energy will keep their bodies and minds protected at all costs.

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