If You Experience Any Of These 14 Signs, You Definitely Receive Signs From The Universe

The strange ways of the universe often make us lose our minds, wonder about the rules of the higher dimensions and realities, make us different from our inner consciousness and super-ego. However, nobody can define with certainty what is the source of this energy, the energy of creation and imagination, of existence and destruction, of time and space…

This energy is connected with each human being, it’s what we are made of. However, our minds are seriously genetically trapped in the 3-dimensional reality, so humans, especially the new generations of humanity, are unable to connect to and understand this energy.

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Sometimes, the universe sends weird signs to us and there are some things that we should all focus on to see if the universe is trying to guide us towards something or someone.

14 Signs The Universe Is Trying to Guide You Towards Something (or Someone):

1. Dream Messages

Dreams are very popular medium when it comes to receiving spiritual messages. The signs could vary in the dreams and most often the things we see are connected with our subconsciousness or real life events from the 3-dimensional reality. Anyway, if you are spiritually advanced, you will be able to make a clear distinction and read the signs.

2. Repeating Events

Sometimes in life we see that things happen frequently and fast, so we lose track of some repeating events that, actually, hold important spiritual significance. The difficulties to focus is probably the only barrier that blocks us from seeing these signs.

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3. Gut Feelings

We should never be ignoring our gut feelings. Our intuition is far more in tune with the universe than you’d think. Because it comes from our subconscious it is seeing the things we cannot see.

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4. Repeating Obstacles

Repeating obstacles are going to come about until you learn what it is you are supposed to learn from them. The universe will bring you to something time and time again, you have to really understand and grasp what the universe is pushing you to. Until you figure things out it won’t change.

5. Reoccuring Numbers/Sequences

This is a form of synchronicity and it means you are on the right path depending on the numbers. Most people note seeing the numbers 1111 time and time again and this is the universe letting them know they are doing good. Don’t obsess too much over this but do notice it. If you are unsure of the numbers meaning, look it up. Numerology is well worth getting into.

6. Repeating Song Lyrics

Song lyrics hold a lot of meaning for most of us. Perhaps you keep hearing the same verse of a song every time you catch it on, this might be the universe trying to tell you something. Repeating song lyrics should always be broken down and taken on a deeper level.

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7. Triggered Memories

If something triggers a memory for you then you should really take it into consideration. Look at whether it is a good memory or a bad one and really feel whatever it is the universe wants you to feel. These memories are being brought forth for a reason, don’t ignore them.

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8. Familiar Scents

The universe can sometimes even send specific scents your way. This doesn’t happen often but it does happen when it needs to. Don’t ignore the smells before you, you will know when they mean something.

9. Finding Objects/Losing Objects

Sometimes the universe will hide things from us to put us behind or help us find things we have been looking for or forgotten about. This happens for many different reasons. Perhaps you need to think of someone who gave you that thing you found?

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10. Weather Modifications

Sometimes the weather changes unexpectedly and most of the time we don’t really give it much thought but there is always a reason behind it. Maybe you had plans to go to the waterpark only for it to start raining before you were going to leave. You might have in not going avoided a disaster of some kind.

11. Unexpected Meetings

Have you ever come across someone you were thinking about? Sometimes the universe will put people before you that you need to see. These could be new people or people from the past.

12. Unexpected Pain or Illness

This is a rough form to receive a message that you need to change something immediately. This could be in the form of a physical pain, but also emotional. Anxiety, depression and stress- it could be all red alert from the universe itself.

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13. Noticing Animals

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Animals hold spiritual power too, some animals can be mediums of spiritual beings or generate powerful energy to guide you or show you something important.If you have your own spiritual animal and you see it, it could even have a big meaning of something important in your life.

14. Meditative Messages

Meditation is a well known medium and the best way to connect with the higher dimensions. The people who are advanced spiritually always use their meditation as a tool to connect with higher dimensions and even experience spiritual heights and enlightenment that makes them true masters in reading the signs of the universe. However, even if you are beginner and experience something different while meditating, it could be a sign from the universe.

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