Special Friday 13th: Be Prepared For The Supermoon Solar Eclipse

This Friday 13th has a special meaning and significance for all of us. It is a representation of the sore power of the universe and how the energy shifts this year affect all of us in terms of emotional, spiritual and even physical balance.

This date will mark the new moon this month, but what’s even more important, will mark the lunar cycle that will follow that partial solar eclipse. When we hear the word ‘eclipse,’ we often think about the lunar eclipse, a phenomenon that many of us grew up watching as a child. The solar eclipse, however, occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the Earth, blocking the sun’s light and creating a shadow here on earth. This occurs approximately 2-3 times a year, although the last time we saw a partial solar eclipse fall on Friday the 13th was in 1974.

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This interesting constellation will cause serious impact in our lives. The new moon will protect all of those who intend to start something new, to mark the new beginning, to let themselves change into something new. This is the time to start making decisions fast and focus on executing your tasks and moving one step towards making your dreams come true.

This new moon, on the other hand, will be the closest one to the Earth in this year. It is supposed to be stronger and more effective. We can expect boosts of our emotional ‘playgrounds’ that are going to run wild, but in the same time, we can use the energy of the partial solar eclipse to clean the thoughts and find the emotional strength to hold on though throughout this whole period of radical energy shifts.

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Also, this is connected with the feminine concepts of the New Moon and, of course, associated with the Goddess Venus and her feminine powers. This will release energy that will let you open your horizons, be more open-minded and encouraged enough to take challenges.

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