These 15 Signs Will Certainly Reveal If You Are About To Discover Your Hidden Power

Every single one of us is a holder of a spiritual power of some kind. All of us possess some special and unique abilities that build the personality of that certain person and makes them what they truly are on the inside.

Sometimes, we don’t trust each other or we are in doubts. Discovering the ‘hidden’ power is an amazing experience, something that all of us deserve to feel at least once in life, but still, don’t think of magical and unreal miracles. These ‘special’ abilities appear in the form of various spiritual and physical manifestations of the capabilities of our inner selves and the characteristics of our spiritual nature.

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It is important to see the signs that happen when you are in the process of discovering of your special side. These things that happen define the discovery of your strong inner self:

1) You face your fears.

Facing the inner fears is the first and clear sign that we grow spiritually and gain great emotional strength. The detachment from fears helps in many issues- low self-confidence, anxiety, paranoia etc. This is how you break the chains that pull you back in life.

2) You become grateful

This is the secret of all intelligent, successful and highly spiritually advanced people- they all train to be as grateful as possible. They are happy with each day of life given to them and they value every moment of the day.

3) You conquer your thoughts.

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By becoming master of your thoughts, you become the master of your consciousness. If you learn how to control every single thought and emotion, you will be able to reshape your life exactly as you want, not to mention the improvement of the social connections. You feel that something big changes in the way you see the world.

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4) You notice signs

This is another interesting sign- the universe, itself, always communicates with subliminal messages often in the form of spiritual and cosmic signs. These signs, often known as synchronicities, are hard to notice and read, actually, but if you have a combo of things going on all around you, if you feel that you discover something new about yourself, then pay attention to every single sign.

5) You attract the good.

It is the law of the universe that whatever you send out to the world will come back to you, maybe sometimes twice as much. You start attracting good people due to the positive energy you emit.
You start being known for having a certain sort of serenity in you. You start attracting like-minded people who acknowledge your presence in their life and also appreciate you for who you truly are.They realize your worth. The negative people in your life automatically start getting discarded. This means their chapter in your life is over.

6) You are self-aware and confident

You are aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Each human has his own set of angels and demons. You to do. However, you are aware of them. You have knowledge about your drawbacks and are working on correcting them.Being aware of your wrongs is the first step towards correcting them. Some people are so blind that they can’t even see where they go wrong in life which is why they are never able to correct their mistakes.This awareness helps you become a more confident person. You are aware of your flaws. Nobody can make you feel insecure about them or throw them in your face to demean you. Someone can only use your weakness against you if you aren’t aware of it.

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7) Others’ opinions stop mattering

At the end of the day, it is all about what you think about yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror. You are your biggest critic and your best motivator.There are certain people in this world who will have a problem with the way you breathe or even sleep. You have learned to ignore the comments of people who don’t help you in becoming a better person and of people who bring any amount of negativity in your life.

8) Only you can define yourself

No matter how much we lie to the world, we can never lie to our inner true self. Only you hold the capability of defining yourself. Nobody knows you perfectly.

9) You know you are special

If you think you are unique then YOU ARE. And there is no second thought to it. After all, self-love starts at home. And home is where ever you are.

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10) You become more welcoming

You have started to accept things as they are. You know that you cannot have a control over everything in the world. So you stop stressing uselessly.

11) You look forward to the next day

Every new day is a new challenge. You love to drive the wild energy and read the signs all around you- you are already to the next level, you know that something big is going to happen, so you love the excitement too.

12) You are changing

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You channelize all your experiences in a way that it helps you become a better person than you were tomorrow.

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13) You feel at peace

When your heart is free of all negative thoughts, it is easy for peace to reside in there. And that is what is happening with you.

14) You have faith in your intuitions

Your intuition has never been stronger. Or, you just start trusting your gut! Your spiritual side is never neglected anymore and you start basing your decisions and actions on your intuition too, not just the rational thinking.

15) You believe everything is possible.

You become more open-minded and you accept the various possibilities that may approach. You open your horizons wide and you start believeing that everything is possible.

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