You Have Inherited Fairy Blood In Your Veins If You Experience These 15 Signs

In the archaic proto-European culture, the mystical concept of ‘fairies’ existed for millenniums. This is originally part of the Celtic tradition, culture, and beliefs. However, today we believe that fairies are nothing but part of the amazing cultural heritage of the humanity as a whole, and also, we see them in many fantastic post-modernistic forms.

On the other hand, the Celtic culture determines that some royals during the Celtic times were direct heirs of the fairies and they also possessed some of their abilities. According to those beliefs, fairies had given their powers to those certain people to protect humanity of all evil and secure prosperous future of the entire human race.

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According to those beliefs, here are the 15 sign that you may have fairy blood running through your veins:

1. You were naturally drawn towards stories of the supernatural and unexplained.

2. Your skin is relatively cooler than most people. However, that is not an uncomfortable experience because people find it calming.

3. You have. A really strong instinct and gut feelings like premonitions about something that is going to happen.

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4. It is easy for you to look at people and win them over. Everyone is naturally drawn to your gaze because your eyes have a special depth.

5. You are more inclined to be a healer of some kind than choose any other profession. At the end of the day, you want to do good for people. Professions you might choose include doctor, nurse, chiropractor, massage therapist, counselor or, veterinarian.6. You have a very extreme sleep cycle; either you’re incapable of staying awake- you sleep all night and you yawn through your day or you suffer from acute insomnia and can barely catch a wink of sleep be it day or night.

7. You had full-fledged imaginary friends as a child, and even today it doesn’t seem absurd to you. In fact you’re still pretty sure they exist.

8. You get headaches from WiFi routers or any signal towers because you’re highly sensitive to electromagnetic waves.

9. You can never put your finger on it, but there is this feeling of distance in your family- like you’re not a part of your parents.

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10. You can express everything through music. Deeply connected to sounds, you live for music and communicate through it.

11. You’re always described as unique or different by people. Even if they can’t explain it, people are oddly attracted to you.

12. You feel grounded and stable whenever you’re in a natural environment.

13. At all times you feel like you’re not a part of this world. You live through life waiting for something.

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14. You’re constantly dreaming of another world, and keep getting distracted from this plane into the fairy realm.

15. You can naturally calm down babies and animals. They love coming near you and staying around you.

Source: TheWildChild

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