Select A Feather To Reveal The Special Traits Of Your Personality

Another article when you have the last word! In our little games of personality check, we always come to the same conclusion in the end- the differences are what truly defines us and determines our personalities, way of life and growth.

Differences make the world beautiful and rich place, but often, they create conflicts and spread negativity. If we asknowledge ourselves as we truly are, we will be able understand and accept the others better too. This article should be just one tiny step towards that.

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To know more about yourself select one feather to uncover your personality traits.

Feather#1: Orange

You, as a person of deep and colorful spirit, are always driven by creativity and imaginations- they are the most important parts of your personality. You seem to be a light feather, but, in fact, you have a very strong character and you are not easy to manipulate with. You know how to stand your ground and make rational decisions, but you often dedicate your life to your hedonistic passions. You struggle to find a balance between your passions and responsibilities. A good step towards finding balance would definitely be to stop having big expectations from others, because that’s when you end up disappointed the most.

Feather#2: Purple

Some people are capable more than others to learn and implement their knowledge. You are definitely among those and you impress people with your extraordinary learning abilities. You are always thirsty to know more, you want to be informed about things and you are interested in building all aspects of your life using your intelligence and knowledge, even when it comes to love and relationships. Try to be more emotional sometimes and listen to your heart.

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Feather#3: Yellow

Explosive is the word that indeed describes you. You are known to be a multitasking person who wants to remain busy with more projects rather than completing a single one. As you are not focused on one thing, you feel diffused. Handling many things at a time satisfies you.

Feather#4: Pink

Many people want to achieve their goals alone, but you like to involve other people to attain them.You make allies because you think that the success of others will become your achievement as well. You are good with people and respect them. You help others so that you will get their help in return.

Feather#5: Black

Paintings, writings, carving- these are your mediums that make you grow as person and connect with the universe itself. You have a rich spiritual nature, you are deep and open-minded person, your imagination and creativity make you conenct to others and be appreciated. You have empathic abilities and very strong intuition. The spiritual world is your thing, and that’s how you grow as a person.

Feather#6: Blue

You are known for being unique and special. You differ from others and some people even think that you are antisocial. However, you are a deep person that needs time to focus more on their inner self and, also, you know how to get moody because of the strong emotional pressure. Anyway, you won’t ever let it out and you will show your strength in front of others, just to protect and encourage those who are dependent on you. You love taking care of others and you are a loyal person.

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Source: SpiritualUnite

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