Strong Women Are Not Emotionally Unavailable, They Just Shield Their Hearts

The soft women’s heart is a mystical gem that holds tiny, tiny crystals inside that hold the entire universe inside. From men’s perspective, everything is superstitious compared to the miraculous spirit of the feminine soul.

This is not an insult to those who are born as men, but it’s just the difference that makes the world so beautiful and the interhuman relations so interesting and intriguing. In this article, we will talk about the emotionally strong girls who often seem like emotionally unavailable.

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We make a huge mistake if we see the things that way. She definitely isn’t emotionally unavailable if she decided to protect herself. She may have a big and soft heart, but still use the shield wall as protection.

She’s built strong walls around her heart but deep down, she just wants to be understood and loved and she also wants to give her heart away deeply and intensely. It just takes a real man to see right through her and love her for who she really is.

She might seem emotionally unavailable but she’s far from lacking emotion. If anything, she feels too much. Her true nature craves passion, she wants to love hard and unconditionally, so be patient with her heart.

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This type of girl is not going around playing games, she’s unapologetically honest and direct. She’s not going to put up with any bullshit, so any signs that your intentions might be potentially harmful to her soul, and she won’t even bother giving you the time a day.

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Be always aware that she isn’t cold-hearted, but she is smart and emotionally stable. Sometimes, the wounds we take make us stronger and more experienced, so we develop new defensive mechanisms that will prevent us from having the same negative experience.

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However, if you find the way to her heart and if you are strong enough to prove worthy and honest to enjoy her love, you will see what does it mean to have a loyal and fully dedicated partner. She will show you what passion is and teach you the mysteries of love.

Source: MysticalRaven

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