5 Stunning And Proved Reincarnation Stories Told By Children From All Over The World

The tradition inherited from our ancestors created and reshaped the human imagination for millenniums and it still does. We love telling stories and we want to hear about special things, abnormal and mystical- since we are little kids. However, as we grow, both physically and mentally, we realize how the reality works and what distinct from fiction.

However, the children’s souls are pure and their spiritual capacity way stronger than an adult. Maybe they don’t know much, but they can feel things and they are closely connected with their spiritual past. Reincarnation stories from children is something that is stunning both for adults and children.

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Believe it or not, over the last 40 years there have been documented more than 2.500 cases of children who tell stories of reincarnation and recall on their past lives. These ‘stories’ that children tell are more of a memories, but they often can’t distinct dream from reality, fiction from true experience.

The psychiatrist of the University of Virginia Jim Tucker investigated a lot of these cases. In this article, we share some of the most fascinating ones:


Delhi, India, 1930s- A girl name Shanti Devi stuns her parents after she spoke for the first time in her 4 years of life. The first thing she actually said is that she wanted to go back to her real family that was located in Manthura. She claimed that she had a husband and a young son. The suffering of the girl continued as she tried to escape at age of 6 and contact her former incarnation’s husband and son. The teacher in her school decided to believe the little girl and he contacted the husband Kedar Nath. He shared details of her past life, specific things that were, actually, identical to the stories told by Shanti. Her parents even brought her to her former incarnation’s house and they realized that everything their young daughter said was compatible with what they see in reality.

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Hexam, England, 1957- This story is used as one of the biggest proofs of reincarnation and tells about the twin girls who lost their lives in a car crash in 1957. The girls were called Joanna and Jacqueline and they were 6 and 11 years old when they lost their lives. This was a heavy loss for the parents Florence and John Polloc, but Florence gave birth 1 year later. She gave birth to identical twin girls Gillian and Jennifer. The suspicion in reincarnation started immediately. Both of the twin girls had birthmarks identical with the birthmarks of the girls who lost their lives in the car crash.

After a couple of years the family moved to another town and the girls had grown up and started to speak. The twins requested all of the toys that their sisters used to have and named each their correct names. They remembered the toys even though they moved homes and never saw them before. Later returning to Hexham, they knew all of the landmarks never having seen them before. The twins, also, shared the same phobias and had the same emotional profile as their ceased daughters. However, after a couple of years the memories faded away, as it usually happens in almost all of the cases of possibly reincarnated children.


Young toddler Sam Taylor told his own father that when he was his age, he used to change his diapers! This was one of the first things he said and clearly stunned his father because he was just 1.5 years old. Sam was, actually, re-incarnation of his own grandfather who died just 18 months before he was born. He knew many details about his former incarnation’s life, many details about his parents’ life, his death etc. He was tested by being given old photos of his ‘former self’, young as a teenage boy, amon 16 other boys. Sam had no issue to find himself on the photo, he quickly picked out his grandfather and said:’That is me!’

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This story comes straight from Thailand- young three years old boy Chanai Choomalaiwong was tense and acted weird asking from his parents to bring him to his ‘real’ parents. He told interesting stories from his previous life telling that he was a teacher called Bua Kai who got shot and killed. He had two birthmarks that resembled gunshot wounds on his head. When he was brought to his old town by his parents, he immediately found his aging parents, his old house and school where he used to work.

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A boy called James Leininger was having terrible nightmares that proved to be something else. Through experiencing nightmares, he saw that he was shot down over Iwo Jima Island. James would wake up screaming from what he saw. He witnessed the crash and a burning plane in the dream world. When awake, he could recall the amazing detail of WWII aircraft that only experts would know. After this story reached the media, people stepped out and confirmed the specific details James Leninger showed. It is believed that he was the reincarnation of WWII pilot James Huston.

Source: SpiritSciencecentral

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