Are You Prepared For The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The 21st Century? It Happens Soon Combined With Blood Moon

Are you prepared for the longest lunar eclipse in the century? Are you prepared to see something that is considered to be a huge cosmic event? Well, we are so close to this particular moment- we are less than two weeks away from the longest lunar eclipse parallel with Full Blood Moon.

This happens during this powerful month of radical energy shifts and on the 27th of July, we are going to witness something really exceptional. We will see and feel the power of the Moon on ourselves as we are going to experience another Blood Moon, but at the same time, we will witness the longest lunar eclipse of the century.

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The process of the lunar eclipse occurs when the moon, Earth and the sun are aligned and the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow. However, during this process, you don’t need eye protection, you can enjoy it freely.

On July the 27th Earth’s umbra (the dark central portion of Earth’s shadow involved in total and partial lunar eclipses) will completely engulf the moon, and the process will last for 103 minutes, thus making it the longest Lunar Eclipse in the 21st century.

Honestly, we already experienced strong blood moon this year on January 31st. However, the new July blood moon will last 43 minutes longer than the previous one. Astronomers believe that we must not miss this great event as we will have enough time to observe it and enjoy the magnificent view.

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Use your chance to enjoy the beautiful view. However, this will be a period of strong emotional disbalance and not so pleasant for those who struggle with conditions like anxiety and depression. On the other hand, will be an awesome opportunity for those who are spiritually advanced to test their limits and use the powerful energy shift as their boost.

We need to find the inner strength to stay calm and focus on the daily basis. Those who are spiritually advanced, as we already mentioned, will use their own methods to handle the energy, but those who are not on that level, should try to stay relaxed and peaceful during this period.

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