Spirits From Another Realm Can Easily Become Our Spiritual Guides

We can bet that most of us watched some of those interesting movies about spirits from another realm and we all know that sometimes we also have a weird feeling that someone may be among us, someone or something that gives us the chills and makes us unsteady.

The existence of spiritual being in the higher dimension is a field known for those who are spiritually more advanced, have better spiritual insight and know how to read the signs from the universe. Of course, there are Lightworkers and negative creatures born of negativity and darkness. Seems that they are all supposed to be feared and respected, but still, these concepts are from older, archaic times when we had no power to use the technology to reshape the world and the material reality.

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Now, we are way stronger than ever before in that matter. But, still, we are spiritually poorer than ever before too. This means that we should focus more on our spiritual reality and, of course, ask for help from another realm if we have to.

To make this simple and understand the concept of receiving help from spiritual beings from higher dimensions, first we have to see them as special combinations of mystical energy that constantly flows, their material form may differ, so you shouldn’t create material visualizations. Their protection is simple- they alleviate the bad karma, they may not be able to prevent it, but they are able to help you make good decisions to prevent future exaggeration and keeping yourself surrounded with high-frequency vibration.

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When you ask for spiritual guidance, you invest in your own spiritual reality, but in the same time, you take serious measure to improve your life. This is not something abnormal, people pray on daily basis and follow certain religious practices.

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In this article, we don’t follow any religious or pagan concept, but only suggesting that we should all use our own, unique potential to connect with our own, unique spiritual guides that will help us improve our lives.


Source: SoulTravelRules

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