9 Stunning Facts From Psychology That Will Change The Way You See The World, Others And Yourself

Psychology is definitely one of the most intriguing parts of the modern medicine and, for sure, something that steals interest from every healthy and intelligent human being. We know a lot about our material reality, but we don’t know much about the spiritual world, at least not most of us.

However, below you will see some interesting facts that will definitely make you read some psychology book or at least make you think deeper about the human nature and our social behavior. Let’s take a look!

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9 Eyeopening Psychology Facts About You, Others and Reality:

1. Everyone in your life is a fragment of your psyche.

Everything and everyone serves a function in society and our own minds, that’s the essence of Karl Jung’s philosophy and it’s absolutely solid claim. The people we meet in our lives are livin beings, but what they really are to us are just projections of our psyches and our own costellation of the many personal traits and flaws of each person.The monsters we create in our mind are projected upon individuals who fit in our description of these monsters. The people we worship fit into the description of idols we project upon them.

2. Your mind always looks for reasons to reinforce your beliefs.

This is a completely natural process when the Ego and Superego are in a huge conflict. Sometimes, our intuition and views are pointed at some certain target, but still, our rationality tells us to lean back and forget. However, the mind will do everything in its power to find as many reasons possible to convince our superego that we are moving in the right direction (even if we are completely wrong).

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3. The people that you fall in love with represent undiscovered qualities in your personality.

Often this is a case, at least in the most relationships observed by professionals. We look for what’s missing, the true soul bonding is finding the missing piece of your soul, merging into an everlasting bonding able to create miracles. Love is real, but there is an important psychological moment when we pick our partners for long and solid relationships (apart from the physical attraction).

4. There is not a person in the world that thinks of themselves as evil.

Remember-NOBODY. Those who seek spiritual enlightenment and truly acknowledge themselves, may even find themsevles evil and bad at some point in their lives, but still, they are able to change and grow. All of us, on the other hand, have faith that they are meant to do something good in the bigger picture and defend their own pride from their own rationality.

5. At least 1/3 of your memories are false, slightly edited or completely forgotten.

Try to think about your best friend and how you meet them, try to recall on your last great dinner and think again about your friend. The second time you thought about your friend you actually thought about the first time you recalled. This is an interesting concept of how our brain works. Anyway, our memories are often edited or forgotten. The changes in our memories happen spontaneously and in a longer period of time.

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6. What you hate about others are your own insecurities that you suppress in your shadow personality.

This is also connected with the philosophy of Carl Jung as he says that we all running away from our shadow. Naturally, the shadow creates fear, and when you see someone who makes the things that you not hate, but even fear about yourself, you just can’t like that person.

7. Reality is first rendered by your subconscious mind and then projected upon the world.

The relation between the micro-macro cosmos is strongest in the human mind. We create different realities, different worlds and dimensions inside of our heads. However, there are worlds on this planet as much as people and this makes the world so beautiful and full of various differences and combinations. Creativity and art are the best expressions of how we see and project the world around us.

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8. Mood affects what you perceive.

Our mood plays important part in how we perceive the things around us.For example, if you feel sad you will notice more details that you associate with sadness. If your mood is that it’s just not your day, your mind will perceive details that reinforce this assumption.When you are in a positive mood you tend to ignore these negative details, even though they are still around you.

9. Your identity is not you.

Now, go back to the first fact above-well, you are perceived in so many different ways as much as you have been in contact with people who know you. On the other hand, you have your very own perception of what you truly are. But, the real question is: WHO ARE YOU? The spiritual techniques of self-acknowledgment are the best method to discover.

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