It’s Happening! The First Medical Center For Shamanic Healing Finally Works

The modern way of life makes us live in a very dynamic and intense way, collecting too many information with our brains and toxicity with our bodies. The planet is not as it was, so are humans. However, we have some great pearls of wisdom from the past that are able to improve our life and health, both mental and physical.

The modern medicine is focused on creating substances that will fight illnesses, but in the bigger picture, let’s be honest, it is all about the profit of the pharmaceutical giants. Anyway, people never submit to illogical rules and they experiment, make efforts and try hard to find better solutions.

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The sacred medicine is part of those important solutions that come from a distant past. Ayahuasca(which is actually a plant) is one of the methods from the sacred medicine. This is a spiritual & material healing technique that exists over 2500 years and comes from the mystical giant forests of Amazonia.

The name comes from the plant Ayahuasca and the medicine comes from the roots and vines of specific native plants. Of course, these plants are wild and part of the wild nature of Amazon jungles. However, this root has a huge spiritual purpose because  releases one of the strongest psychoactive substances on Earth.

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It is entheogenic tonic that is extremely strong. What is an entheogenic tonic? The word entheogen comes from two separate ancient Greek words éntheos and genésthai. Éntheos means “full of the god, inspired, possessed,” and is the root of the English word enthusiasm. Genésthai translates as “to come into being.” So an Entheogenic substance is one that helps facilitate the personal experience of our divinely inspired selves. And when it comes to Ayahuasca, this experience is second to none. Ayahuasca is not your average entheogen, however, and is now becoming widely known as a powerful spiritual catalyst—as it always has been in the indigenous traditions.

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The world can easily participate in using this medicine due to its gentle and supportive nature. This gentle medicine helps individuals face their inner darkness, and come out on the other side liberated and clear of their past traumas. These plant medicine ceremonies are happening under the close guidance of trained shamans, who create a sacred space for personal transformation, and support the individuals moving through their deep healing.

However, recently Ayahuasca has become very very popular all around the world. This popularity, anyway, has finally been materialized in something huge- in Costa Rice, Rythmia was born!

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Rythmia is the first licensed medical center for special healing- immaculate fusion of medical and spiritual aspects that build a perfect combo. However, the main purpose is the shamanic plant, but still, you have other options to try: spiritual retreat and growth, tropical enjoyment and relaxation, nature adventure etc.

To be specific, you receive four nights of plant medicine in a row, each with its own unique blend of plant medicine from different parts of Central and South America, including Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, and more. The ceremonies each night are facilitated by some of the world’s most gifted shamans, including occasional visits by Taita Juanito, who was raised as a shaman from the age of four years old, and whose name is very well known amongst the people across the shamanic circles through Central and South America.

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The intensity of the experience is something unique, unforgettable and special. Words just cannot describe the effect of the medicine and, also, the whole magical journey. It’s something word giving a shot.

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Rhytmia is completely legal, recognized and licensed by Costa Rica and registered in the World Health Organization.


Source: SpiritScienceCentral

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