The New Mainstream: Accepting And Normalizing Pedophilia To Rebrand Pedophiles As ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’

Pedophilia is evil! End of story-before we start this article, we have to mention that is for educational purposes and informing the masses. Children are innocent souls, pure souls who don’t deserve anything as nearly close to pedophilia.

However, we live in times with fake values and serious destruction of every rule pattern, tradition, behavioral manners and unity among people. This is era of money and selfishness-those who have money contribute to themselves and reshape the world according to their own views. LGBTQ+ community is expected to have new ‘member’- the pedophiles.

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This is a shocking information and you can check the website PREVENTION and see how they want to normalize something that is unacceptable for the healthy human nature. According to them, there are various kinds of MINOT ATTRACTED PERSONS and it is an insult and discrimination to call them pedophiles(pedophiles are those who are attracted to 6-12 years only).

They claim there are different classes of pedophiles and that they shouldn’t be referred to as pedophiles but ‘minor-attracted persons.’ They even go so far as to say that we should all be praising those who are ‘non-offending’ for not having molested any children yet. I know, that is more than enough to make your stomach churn, isn’t it?

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Of course, we are all well aware that mentally ill people do unacceptable things, like being attracted sexually to children, but we, as a society are supposed to control those things.

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However, the strong initiative from these marginal groups is their claim that pedophiles are not accepted in society and they are bullied by the rest. So, according to these movements, pedophiles are victims who are not supposed to live in the terror of disrespectful treatment by everybody else.

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This seems fair, nobody deserves to be treated without respect or bullied, but still, they should be conscious of how others perceive what they do and want. What is your opinion on this matter? Should we accept pedophiles as a normal part of our functional societies?



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