People With Concealed Depression Share These 15 Habits

People who struggle with depression are true fighters. Those who never felt anything like depression or anxiety will never truly understand how does it feel completely empty. On the other hand, those who fight this modern-day illness are willing to share their experience to help others because depression is slowly becoming the plague of the 21st century.

Anyways, we should pay more attention to this illness and try to understand those who struggle with it. The best way to do it is to see how special they are, despite their pain and emptiness. In this article, we share 15 habits of people with concealed depression:

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1. They are often quite talented and very expressive.

Even if they seem to be isolated and ignorant, they are extremely expressive and quite talented. When they have their 5 minutes of fame, they are able to do anything. On the other hand, they spend more time with their own and this makes their minds open to a whole new level. They have a lot of thoughts and they know how to use creativity as their getaway from the pain.

2. They tend to search for purpose.

It is clear that we all struggle in life for a purpose and goals. However, those who are depressive are fighting like beasts in their journey for the purpose. They want to be useful, they want to make others feel intense emotions because they are unable to do so.

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3. Sometimes they make muted cries for help.

Sometimes they scream on the inside, but nobody is able to hear them. They need a lot of help and attention, but they almost never get it.

4. They interpret substances differently.

They know how the substances work on our bodies and our minds. Unlike others, they have to struggle to make the perfect combination of substances like coffee, food, drinks etc to make their bodies and minds run smoothly. Most of the time they don’t feel the natural need to eat or even drink, they just don’t feel the pleasure.

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5. They often have a very involved perception of life and death.

This is one of the most painful topics for the people who suffer from depression. Often, they have an intense sense of mortality and open some dangerous questions. They want to differ from their constant mindset and they are hungry to know more to sattisfy their inquisitive minds, but on the other hand, this may lead to clearly suicidal thoughts.

6. They have strange eating habits.

We already mentioned that they have different ways of using substances. This is more significant when it comes to food. Sometimes they eat way more than needed, sometimes you can see them hungry for days.

7. They have abnormal sleeping habits.

They say the best cure for depression is a long sleep. Well, it certainly does help, but still, people who struggle with depression also struggle with insomnia and have really weird sleep patterns, undefined and complicated.

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8. They have abandonment issues usually.

This is very common for those with depression. The effects of abandonment could be devastating if it happens during their struggle, they create and magnify the feeling of fear and they suddenly feel unwanted by the whole world. You have to be very careful with them and show some respect.

9. They are professionals at coming up with ‘cover-up’ stories.

They are masters for excuses and cover up stories about what actually happens to them. They need help and attention, but they won’t ever let spread their pain. They want to protect others and keep them distant from their own issues.

10. They might have habitual remedies.

It is also common for people struggling with depression to change the pattern of their habits. This may seem like bi-polar behavior, but they are just trying to go with the flow, take out the best of every situation and this often leads to making mistakes, getting tense and even arrogant.

12. They have trouble shutting off their brains.

These people are overthinkers and, as we already mentioned, have their minds stormed with thoughts that never end. This probably is one of the reasons why they can’t sleep well sometimes-they just can’t shut their brains off.

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13. They hurt when other people hurt.

This is one of their most painful experiences. When they see someone hurt, they feel the need to comfort them, show them empathy and compassion. This happens because they know how to recognize true pain.

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14.They always think of the worst-case scenarios.

This is a giant flaw, but we can’t judge them because they are moving through a living hell. Anxiety plays an important part here because it often comes together with depression, but their whole mindset makes them exaggerate negativity.

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