Reveal Your Special Guardian Angel Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

The most powerful of all Lightworkers are definitely the Archangels and Angels, and each of us has a specific guardian angel according to our zodiac sign. Their mystical power and guidance is important for the personal growth and well-being of each individual, but, also, a significant momentum for the prosperity of humanity as a whole.

Check who might be your guardian angel based on your zodiac sign:


Angel Barachiel is the protector of Aries. They serve as great helpers in their connections with other people, the interhuman bondings and the feeling of optimism and good communication.

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Amiel is the guardian angel of Taurus. Amiel helps Taurus see the truth and opens their horizons. They serve as protectors of justice, truth, and dignity.


Metraton gives Gemini the strength to surpass any obstacle and have the strength to face any challenge. He gives them the power to be responsible and to pay attention on the little details that make life beautiful and define our existence.


Angel Dina assists the people born under this sign by giving them the power of knowledge. Dina gives them the power to concentrate and suck the wisdom from every single thing they can get. It helps them gain experience and grow as wise persons.

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Angel Aquariel is a protector of Leo’s wild spirit. He gives them tranquility and helps them develop spiritually to find deeper meaning in all things.

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Angel Kadmiel gives Virgo the power to find emotional and spiritual balance, to stay on the right track and to remain focused on the things that really matter. Kadmiel is the voice of intuition and big helper in times when they are upset or depressive.


Angel Barchiel is protector and assistant of all Libras. Gives them confidence and self-awareness, makes them see their true abilities. On the other hand, gives Libra the strength to help others and make the world a better place.

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Archangel Gabriel is the Guardian Angel of those born under this zodiac sign. Gabriel gives them strength to resist negativity and they lead the way to success and fulfillment. Gabriel is considered to be one of the most powerful angels.


Sariel helps Sagittarius and gives them perfect insight. They send subliminal messages warning Sagittarius about any danger and guides their way to peace and salvation. He will stop you from going the wrong way.


Angel Cambiel assists those born under this zodiac sign by enriching their imagination, boosting their creativity and give them adventurous energy making their spirit go wild. He gives them the chance to enjoy pleasure and be positive.

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Angel Chamuel protects Aquarius and gives them energy to connect with both material and spiritual reality better. Gives them deep wisdom and helps them understand the true nature of all things.

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Angel Anael is a great booster of sexuality and sensuality. It is a great protector of the feminine and masculine concept, as well as the sexual connection. Gives Pisces luck and success in love.

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