Use The Powerful Energy Of The Moon With The Lunar Crystals’ ‘Blood Moon Ritual’

Do you need some extra help to recharge and control your body, mind, and spirit? Do you need a strong boost of energy in the most natural way? We will help you with sharing information about one of the most powerful and magical methods of energy recharge and keeping high-frequency vibrations- the lunar crystals and spells to tap into moon power!

The traditions from the archaic cultures who were deeply involved in spirituality and tried various methods to perform magic and other ritual practices, are still alive and still useful for the new generations.

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These little pearls of wisdom and mystical knowledge are directly aligned with the energy of the universe, they have strong meaning and significance in the world of spirituality, their effects are astonishing.

Many of these rituals are connected with the power of the moon. We don’t even need to mention the significance of the moon in the constitution of the archaic beliefs and spiritual practices. In this article, we will share one effective ‘Blood Moon Ritual’ which will help you open your horizons, bring new opportunities in life and grow as a person.


You’ll need:

  • Moonstone or Blue Selenite
  • Seven blue candles arranged in a circle
  • A silver bowl(half filled with water)


  1. This spell is best if performed outdoors during the second full moon in a month, or indoors if it is cloudy.
  2. Hold the Moonstone or Selenite in your outstretched non-dominant hand, saying as you face the moon/lighted candle circle “Once in a blue moon has not come too soon, for I seek rare opportunity. On this blue moon may it come to be”, then name the opportunity that you wish to benefit from.
  3. Still facing the moon, toss the crystal seven times, saying each time “Rarely comes this opportunity, blue moon, send it soon to me.”
  4. Plunge the crystal seven times into the water, repeating the above spell seven times.
  5. Continue this cycle of tossing, chanting and plunging until you have completed seven full cycles.
  6. Leave the crystal on the ground overnight and pour the water on plants, saying “Blue moon, bring this opportunity soon.
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Must-have crystals



This is one of the most popular crystals and represents longevity and stability. This stone has healing powers and brings positivity in all aspects of your life.


Image result for moonstone

This stone represents the intuitive powers of every spirit. This stone releases your senses and gives you the power to connect with the energy of the moon.

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Related image

This is the stone that holds big energy potential and is used by those who want to purify their life. It also aligns with the power of the moon and helps people lose their inhibitions.

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