How to Identify Children With a Highly Active Third Eye

To activate your “Third Eye” you need constant practice and hard work. Although very difficult, it is nonetheless possible. It requires your ability to use all of your senses in control and harmony. Once achieved it’ll give you the ability to see things beyond the perceptible limit of ordinary sight!

The third eye works by getting the input from the ‘5 senses’ and then interpreting the energy that it received and then sending back the response to the senses. Thus, you can say that the third eye responds to the energy and thus gives us feedback on the things which are physically invisible. The idea of seeing the potential and predicting the future might sound far-fetched to you but it is a very real skill.

The Children With Active Chakras

The way chakras work in the human body depends on the age of the individual. Most of the chakras energy gets depleted with age. One such chakra is ‘Ajna Chakra’. This chakra helps us to connect with the spirit world. But it gets smaller as we grow old and thus until the time we come to know about it, the time has already passed to tap into its potential.

However, kids have this chakra activated, while only some who are gifted enough can control it. These kids usually get isolated from the society, but the onus is on us to ensure that such kids also undergo complete social and emotional growth.

Signs Of Children With Active Third Eyes

●       You’ll find these kids alone and happy with themselves. They do not like to play with other children.
●       They’ll be found playing games based on very heavy imagination. It can be like having a meeting of fellow children about how to deal with their parents!
●       They love being close to nature. They’ll choose to be alone in nature rather than playing with other kids on the ground.
●       Continually talking, laughing and playing with make believe friends.

Have you ever encountered any kid with an Activated Third eye? What are your views on 3rd eye activation? Share your thoughts with us.
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