There Are 4 Types Of Introverts: Which One Are You?

Introverts, if correctly defined, are the people who focus primarily on their own mind, feelings, or affairs. But, they are often defined by what others think of them, and not by who they are.

Researchers have concluded that, if we narrow down their types, there are 4 kinds of them.

Social Introverts

Their definition is closest to the common perception about them. These people are the ones who enjoy in solitude more than in a large group or crowd. It’s important to understand this as something different from shyness. They don’t feel uneasy when they are in a large group, but they prefer solitude or a small group.

Thinking Introvert

They are different from the one mentioned above because their introversion has nothing to do with the number of people they are with. What makes them Introvert is that they are self-reflective and thoughtful people. They can be understood as the ones who are usually lost in their own fantastical world.

Anxious Introvert

They are the ones who are usually called shy in social functions. They are the ones who need to realise that their condition needs change. They are generally uncomfortable people. Their introversion is related to their social skill which gives rise to lack of confidence. They are the people who overthink about a situation. Unlike social introverts, they are the people who need help.

Restrained Introverts

Their definition needs only one word, reserved. They face only one problem. The problem is that they act very late. If you expect them to shower with hugs and greetings when you meet them, then you are calling for disappointment. However, they are, generally, the people who are very helpful in nature.

There is only one thing left to be discussed here. Introverts are not rude or shy but they are bound by their nature. Well, if this article rings a bell in your mind about yourself or someone else, no need to worry; it is alright to be a little mysterious!
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