This Simple Technique That’ll Let You See Through a Spiritual Lens

In this universe, there are always two forces that are always at play. One force works with you and the other does its best to hinder you.

You probably know all about the later because you’d have experienced it when you’re going through the worst of times. The force that helps you constantly reminds you that all the pain is only momentary. It will pass and leave behind nothing but beauty.

To be clear, it is the force that works with you which makes you aware of the force that is against you. Without its help, the destructive force would not be visible to you.

You need to create an image of this idea in your heard so that you can understand the things you will see using your spiritual lens. There is a force always trying to raise you up and another trying to bring you down. You have to be able to see the link between these two actions and the forces.

This brings us to an interesting question. When there are two forces actively working for you and against you, how will one gain dominance over the other? How will a force take control so that it can raise you up or bring you down?

The truth is that you have the freedom of choice. You get to decide which force you’ll side with. You can pick between rising up and falling down. Imagine that there is a pair of hands that are trying to grab your legs and take you down and also that there is a pair of hands trying to lift you up by your shoulders. You can choose to let yourself be pulled down by the former, or pulled up by the latter.

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You might feel the urge to fall into depression and let rage and fear take over you but do not succumb to it. This is a tactic used by the hands that are trying to pull you down. They’ll tell you that you are not free to choose. But that power is always there with you if you will only reach for it.

Discovering this can make your life harder at first. It’s natural to be stressed when you can feel two opposing forces tugging on you at the same time. But this struggle is important because if you haven’t transcended to the spiritual plane but you’re feeling only one pull, you’re most likely feeling the pull of the force working against you.

Things might seem like they’ve taken a turn for the worse but that is the purpose of this exercise. Only when this happens can you see that you have the choice of taking a different path. You’ll soon begin to realize that the force pulling you down is controlling most of the people around you. They have become desensitized to the atrocities happening everyday so they don’t even realize when a force is working with them and when it is working against them.

Of course this knowledge comes with a price. The force pulling you down allows you to carry on searching for your own pleasure without thinking about the harm you are causing.

The force working with you constantly reminds you of all that you have to achieve. Keep asking yourself with force you are succumbing to. Never let this awareness die.

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This isn’t going to be easy. Some aspects of who we are will rush to our defense and stop us from asking the important questions because the answers can be painful. Work hard to conquer this instinct and fulfill the duty that the spirit has given you. Look at the world through its lens and rise up to the Light.

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